Kaiser Permanente Health Care Plan

kaiser permanenteAre you or have you ever considered enrolling in the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Plan? Please read this before you do, because It just underlines how caring the Kaiser Permanente people will be with your health. I know, because I have had both the fortunate experience at working in Kaiser Permanente facilities and have also been covered along with my family by their caring medical coverage. Checkout and see what nice people these folk really are! Distraught Father Kills Wife, 5 Kids, Self

1 thought on “Kaiser Permanente Health Care Plan

  1. Yeah, their business model kills 120 Americans a day, and that’s the ones who ARE “covered”.

    Those who don’t have coverage die without being counted.

    Having right-wing “conservative” congress after congress legislating in favor of their business model kept Public Option health plans so badly mismanaged and underfunded that they murdered countless PEOPLE like my wife, Martha.

    Now they have the Tea Party Retards all hopped up that somehow reforming the broken system in any way is “tyranny”.

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