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Insurance companies in the US treat conditions that don’t need treatment while giving others no care at all

The essential absurdity of Big Business run medical care in the US can be seen in the following Reuters report… Unnecessary cancer treatment in men on the rise. Meanwhile, many people needing screening for cancer and even essential treatments for cancer will be turned away by the Big Business docs. We’re living SICKO all the time in the US of A.

A crook named Richard Scott

dick scott fraudBACKGROUND- Maggie Mahar at the Century Foundation’s Health Beat blog reports that Richard Scott previously started the for-profit hospital chain in 1987 that later became the $23 billion Columbia/HCA. He was ousted from this post in 1997 after an FBI investigation of Columbia/HCA that led to 14 felony convictions and $1.7 billion in criminal and civil fines for Medicare fraud.

This information taken from SourceWatch about the Boss Man behind the Right Wing front group called Conservatives for Patients Rights which is attempting to destroy all notions that the US Health System needs to be reformed. This man should be in jail and not allowed to be any player in the debate about how to give Americans decent health care. It was pure corruption that allowed the guy to walk in the first place.

The New England Journal of Bloodshed Analysis

teaching hospitalAmerican ‘medical science’ is something special! Can you imagine Attila the Hun or Napoleon Bonaparte or even Adolph Hitler with these scientific minded docs that The American Empire has?

‘Doctor, is it OK if I flood this man’s nose with water for 1.2 seconds more? How about 0.6 seconds more?’

And even the opposition to this scientifically directed violence seems compelled to respond with more ‘science’ of its own. See The Weapons That Kill Civilians — Deaths of Children and Noncombatants in Iraq, 2003–2008, a study done by The New England Journal of Bloodshed Analysis.

The Medical Clinic is closed; Obama’s Afghan War is ongoing

Sicko Bush
Nevada just closed down all access to oncology care for the uninsured in the state. Meanwhile the money keeps pouring into the Pentagon to occupy other countries, wage war without end, and to murder and maim whomever the President so desires. But where will Americans get the health care they need? See 60 Minutes- The Clinic is Closed

Costs rise with America’s ongoing ‘Health Care’ boondoggle

aclsCosts up almost 10% in 2 years? Poor delivery of care, many uncovered at all, and yet the price is almost 2 1/2 trillion per year now? This is America, Land of White Collar Run-Away Crime. This simply is not the best health care system in the world and far from that. See U.S. health care spending reaches $2.4 trillion in ’08

All this profiteering off human suffering caused not just by disease and old aging, but a human economic system that rewards greed, callousness, and sheer theft! Public health has been dismantled, and the role of poverty in making disease proliferate everywhere totally ignored. And we have a tiered system of delivery where some get superior care, and others get next to none. America is a sick country with a sick system of delivery of Medical Care. And it is not getting any better. We’ve been lying down and playing dead. We’ve been dying… PERIOD… because we have accepted this atrocity without fighting enough against it. In fact, most have gone along with it without giving it even a single thought.

No need to call EMS for this sick system. It is already dead!

Kaiser Permanente Health Care Plan

kaiser permanenteAre you or have you ever considered enrolling in the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Plan? Please read this before you do, because It just underlines how caring the Kaiser Permanente people will be with your health. I know, because I have had both the fortunate experience at working in Kaiser Permanente facilities and have also been covered along with my family by their caring medical coverage. Checkout and see what nice people these folk really are! Distraught Father Kills Wife, 5 Kids, Self

American medical facilities are spreading more dangerous runs of infectious diarrhea into the community

diarrheaMom, your kid has just come down with the Runs-from-Hell and you are without medical insurance, so what do you do? He needs hospitalization, but incredibly enough, it was probably hospitalization of Junior’s aunt that gave him what he has in the first place! Your kid picked up C-diff, an infectious diarrhea, during his visit to her in the hospital!

Diarrhea bacteria common in hospitals: survey

According to the the American Journal of Infection Control,

“Antibiotics don’t kill it and most germicides used for environmental cleaning don’t kill it. Only bleach does,” and by the time patients are diagnosed, they have had a day or two to contaminate their rooms and everyone who has had contact with them.

This study gives a really low undercount of this problem, too, since most facilities are not doing the testing and do not have the awareness about this disease that they should have. One big cause of the problem is the simple misappropriation of funds away from hiring enough nursing assistants to do decent care of the elderly in US hospitals and nursing homes. The money flows to the top reaches into the hands of people who do little to no actual hands-on work caring for the elderly and sick. I’m talking about insurance companies and all the administrative layers they create to pilfer funds away from the actual care givers themselves.