This is the dawning of …the age of Aquarius

Actually I was riding along today, thinking that just everybody in the whole town seems to be in a truly messed up mood.

It’s like a cusp, you know, where one side is something especially good fantastic wonderful is about to happen, or perhaps it’s gonna be something horrifying.

Then the whole “cusp” notion started taking hold, it actually is the cusp. As in, astrology, it’s the three days when Pisces overlaps with … Aquarius.

I don’t actually believe in Astrology. It’s absurd to me that the heat from somebody smoking a cigarette two miles away gives you far more Relative energy than the closest star (other than the sun) but people smoking all around isn’t supposed to rule your life, but Alpha Centauri being ascendant on the day of your birth supposedly does.

The whole coincidence of this being the Aquarian cusp reminded me of the Age of Aquarius which was supposed to replace the Piscean Age in 1967.

Summer of Love…

Then again, in the summer of 1987, there was a “grand alignment” meaning that all the planets were on the same side of the sun.

As I remember, that summer was also very very F.U.B.A.P.O.R.

(Messed) Up Beyond All Possibility Of Redemption.

Right about now I’m just rambling, some of you who know me well recognize the symptoms.

Meanwhile, people today on the streets and shops and just everywhere I went in Colorado Springs, were in a really crap mood.

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