Visiting the Colorado senators on Aug 18

Coloradans For Peace is joining MEANINGFUL HEALTHCARE REFORM at the offices of Senators Bennet and Udall, on Tuesday August 18, to put forward the demand that HEALTHCARE IS A HUMAN RIGHT. While the media are focused on mobs, let’s put out the authentic demand for UNIVERSAL COVERAGE. We’ll start at Bennet’s office (409 N. Tejon St., near N. Tejon and Boulder) at 10:30AM, then move onto Udall’s office (2880 International Cr.).

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Why? Sure it is nice to have the demand for UNIVERSAL COVERAGE but neither the Democratic Party nor the Republicans are proposing that, and the entire debate about the Health Care System has been hijacked by these 2 corporate parties and unfortunately, nobody outside those 2 parties is mobilized and organized to do much about it.

    Having access to decent healthcare is a Human Right and we don’t have it here in the US, and we don’t really have any Social Movement that is out there demanding Human Rights for America of any kind. Coloradans for Peace simply has not been part of any organizational efforts yet to change that, other than a lonely vigil or two by a few lonely individuals. We have been joined by nobody and nobody is really doing anything other than to sit by passively as the world is unfolded to them and given to them by Big Business, and as Big Business would want it, too.

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