Our democrats are wusses

I have the opportunity to attend the $75 per head Democratic Party fundraiser at the Patty Jewett Country Club this Friday. Max Cleland will be the featured guest. It sounds like an interesting affair, well-to-do Democrats might make for interesting folk. The trouble is, the featured benefactor of the fundraiser is the Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, a certain Jay Fawcett. So I’m not going.

Much is being made at the national level of the cowardice and incompetence of the Democrats. As Russ Feingold makes his case against the President’s illegal wiretapping, it appears, through the lens of the national press, that Feingold’s fellow Democrats are not standing by his side. In fact the argument given highest visibility is not about the merit of Feingold’s efforts, but rather: “why are the Democrats so spineless?”

I’m not prepared to say that the Democrats are spineless. After all, what we know about the actions of any Democrat is only based on how it is reported by the media. I’m suspicious of a media which reports its own opinion on the story as the story. Spineless is for the audience to decide. You report. We don’t need a media to ask: why does Republican shit smell so good? Show us the shit and leave your Neocon ass-kissing opinions to yourself.

A friend of mine just reported that he’s been calling congressional offices to urge their support for Senator Feingold. He’s being told that they would prefer to wait until all the facts are in. “What facts are you waiting for? he yells, Bush has admitted to the wiretapping!”

Which leads me to tomorrow night’s Democratic event. We may or may not know what Democrats are doing on the national level, but each of us in our own neighborhood can see what our politicians are doing here. I’ll tell you what they are doing here: jack shit. Oh, they’re fighting the good fight, but more like movie stuntmen. The fight is orchestrated, the moves were choreographed by labor unions long ago, and our Democrats know their role: they take the fall. They talk about health care, they talk about needing to put smarts back into governance, then they take the bullet, writhe around for a three minute death scene pining about the nobility of our cause, then fall.

Jay Fawcett is a pro-war revolving-door military careerist. What in hell is that for a Democratic candidate? We need another war-mongering Democrat like we need a hole in the head. Oh, excuse me, is that our part?

Give the Democrats your money on Friday night only if they’ll let you stand up and ask “what the hell are you boys doing? Get up there with some real ammo and shoot to win you chicken-hawk lily-livered pansies!”

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