Wear black and white scarves on Sunday January 18 in Acacia Park

Palestinian kuffiyehSHALL WE, ON SUNDAY, wear Black and White scarves, in our show of solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza? While the world urges for peace talks, Gazan homes continue to be bombed and bulldozed in Israel’s effort to drive refugees into Egypt.

It doesn’t have to be a Palestinian kuffiyeh, or even a checkered head scarf. Wear a whitish-gray winter scarf, or a western bandanna.

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5 thoughts on “Wear black and white scarves on Sunday January 18 in Acacia Park

  1. This is incredibly ignorant. I totally support the cause of the Palestinians, but you should do some research before you get people to where black and white scarves. This scarf is worn by the Fatah movement, which is just one faction in a many factioned place. There is much violence between the factions and by being seen to support one you are alienating the others.. There is as much inter-faction violence in Gaza as there is Palestinian-Israeli violence.

    So please, just be careful how you are portraying your moeement.

  2. ‘This is incredibly ignorant. I totally support the cause of the Palestinians, but you should do some research before you get people to where black and white scarves.’

    Not only is it incredibly ignorant, it is incredibly silly, too. Eric dressed up in a scarf at Acacia Park waving a large Palestinian flag back and forth hardly aided the Palestinians in their struggle against Zionist propaganda. Which side is he on anyway? Sometimes I just don’t know?

  3. There’s also the fact that Israel was at the time, as they so often are, targeting Fatah and any other easily distinguished factions within Palestine. The whole notion of supporting the rights of a people to practice a faith which one does not share in this case involved an abhorrent and sometimes violent display of hatred against Muslim PEOPLE in general and in descending order for that Arabs, Palestinians and Fatah.

    The Hate-Video “Obsession” was being distributed with the use of tax-free donations to the Republican National Committee and other like-minded organizations, (like the Klan?) to incite hatred against the newly elected president which was supposedly not “racist” but Cultural, and with the ridiculous claims of “Secret Muslim” being one of the attack slogans.

    They tried to show all of Islam and by consequence anybody who appeared Muslim, sounded Muslim, or didn’t actively hate Muslims as an absurd construct called “Islamo-Fascism”, a monolithic religious and political organization which just by coincidence doesn’t exist. And to portray all those they could lump into the Islamo-Fascist basket as being rabid haters.

    So they were commanding us to “hate the hate” and by extension everybody Their Particular Hate Sect condemns as haters. If that sentence seemed to take a downward spiral, it’s because the concept these Bozoes actually try still to push off as fact, a death spiral of illogical constructs.

    One of the targets they (sadly) successfully imprinted on the Simple Minds of their followers was a picture of the checkered scarf. They even used it as a Generic Jihadi symbol worn by the doll that Palestinian people are reported to encourage their kids to play with, a Jihadi replete with weapons associated with Suicide Bombers, the doll is supposed to teach the kids to attack the Westerners, whose own enlightened and Non-Racist and Non-Extremist dolls are called the GI Joe Series and just because the Joe Team can be seen an the half-hour commercials for these dolls, twice or even twice THAT every day, killing a group designated as Terrorists. It would be silly to believe that GI Joe is targeted to brainwashing young kids to eventually use Weapons of Mass Destruction to kill people identified as Terrorists, just because that’s the story line of the TV show.

    And silly to suggest that somebody put a checkered kuffiyeh, and pipe bombs instead of the Grenade Bombs that a regular Joe carries, onto a GI Joe Doll in order to inflame hatred.

    But the kuffiyeh on the GI Jihadi is immediately recognizable by the Simple Minded Buffoons who fall for that “Obsession” crap. Shit, in the name of Combating Islamo-Fascism they’ve twice arrested Jewish Rabbis for praying on board airplanes.

    My brother in law was profiled by a handful of loudmouth Super Patriots on board an airplane (he worked for Sky Chefs out of DFW international) as a “sand nigger” … and he’s TONGAN. Not Arabic, not Muslim even. The subjects of the King of Tonga are officially baptized Methodists.

    But that’s the target of the demonstrations. Not people who have a conscience and a sense of shame about American support of the Terror Machine, but to try to awaken the minds of people who associate the kuffiyeh with Terrorism. Who associate a swarthy complexion with being a Terrorist or an “Illegal Alien” or whatever floats their Hate boats at the time, whatever gives them an excuse to hate.

    Never minding that it’s Ignorance in human form.

  4. Incidentally to that, several of the churches adjoining Acacia Park had screened the “Obsession” video for their congregations. Notice if you will, the link was on the words “On Sunday…” Who do you reckon would be withing view of Acacia Park on a Sunday afternoon in January, in Colorado?

  5. It’s a misdirection to suggest the kuffiyeh belongs to Hamas and not Fatah. To western eyes it recalls the most famous Palestinian of all, Yasser Arafat, and Fatah’s precursor the PLO. But what would be wrong with championing Hamas? That’s who is fighting for the interests of Palestine, not Fatah, who administrate the occupation for Israel.

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