Being without a home is not a crime

Stop criminalizing homelessnessThe CSPD and Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful are proposing an ordinance to make camping illegal. On February 5th, Coloradans For Peace will be joining Ed Billings’ call: DON’T CRIMINALIZE THE HOMELESS. “Bring a sign, and a friend” Friday at noon, in front of Colorado Springs City Hall, 107 N. Nevada Ave.
Ed’s made an ad to promote the protest:

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8 Responses to Being without a home is not a crime

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    There’s been at least one Supreme Court ruling about police needing a warrant to search the premises of a homeless PERSONS camp. Which could readily apply.

    Another would be (this was used in the 1930s and there was one shown in the movie “The Grapes of Wrath”) for the residents of the camp to form a committee of self-governance. It would also be a lot better politically and, since spring and its related floods are coming, to move it upstream to Bear Creek county park. The one the County is trying to sell off. Actually it sits just the other side of WalMart from the current camps.

    The self governance then could be considered a separate municipality. It’s been done by squatters even in Totalitarian places like Turkey, Italy and Texas.

    The Po-po keep flying the canard that many (suggested subliminally “ALL”) of the camp are wanted felons. If that were true the Piggoes would just sit on the trail with laptops and a video database snagging them.

    So my bet is, that’s not the case.

    Another is the Hate-Talk radio style demonization is going on apace. The “news” announcers say “there were 3 violent crimes committed by Homeless Persons today”

    Then they go on to say that none of the suspects is even in custody and they don’t have an I.D. for the suspects.

    Also if nobody is convicted of it… but hey, Homeland Security already threw the Innocent until found guilty rule out the window. Figuratively handcuffed it and escorted it to the Border where it was handed over to a CIA Torture Facility.

    They do the same damn thing with the “Illegal Alien” canard, throwing unsolved or unresolved or just plain Mythical crimes into their non-statistical “statistics” about the percentage of crimes done by Undocumented Workers.

    But they get Mr and Mrs Joe “Support The Cops” Citizen all wound up and ready to grab up their guns and “go git them thar homeless fellers out of them camps”.

    In short, they LIE through their nasty little teeth in an organized effort to incite Violence against homeless PEOPLE.

    And, a Violent Assault is no less an assault, no less violent and no less Criminal if it’s committed by people wearing badges.

  2. Avatar JH says:

    I’ll be there!

  3. Avatar Rita Ague says:

    Thanks, Ed Billings, for all you do in this super fusion city, where ‘spook’ directed cops brutalize and torture peace demonstrators and the poor and homeless as a regular, unchallenged routine. Where are all the “Christians” to whom Jesus gave marching orders re. peace, justice, caring for the poor, etc.? We’ll be there with signs on the 5th of Feb.

  4. Avatar Cara L says:

    Putting the homeless on the next bus out of town is such an old joke. In practice once the recipient city catches on, they buy them bus fare to come back.

  5. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Thank you for your support. I was homeless 20 years ago it only lasted a year but felt like 100.
    I never bothered anyone. The opposition portrays the homeless as criminals,alcoholics,drug addicts or mentally ill. It is wrong to put lables on people because they are less fortunate than we are

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Amen. I lived in the National Forest for my first year up here. I had taken on the responsibility of a dog. Another life depended on mine. I got hurt, had to go to the shelter for 4 days, it would have been longer… Rocky, my dog, was placed “temporarily” at the Humane Society … I went to visit him and they said that he wouldn’t have a rabies shot because they were going to kill him. Put him to sleep but hey, it’s killing. What’s a man to do? So we moved back into the forest.

    That’s not the kind of story they like to hear. They want to hear Alcohol or Drugs or Felony Warrants. Makes it easier to de-humanize somebody.

  7. I have been homeless before…and, without the help of a friend or family member, I too, could have been forced to find a home somewhere…a humans basic needs…water and shelter…If Americans were able to raise the billions they have for the Haitians through ten dollar donations….which I am glad they did…but, why can’t we help our own?? I believe there is something wrong with this picture…I live in Florida and have to wonder if I would ever want to visit a city that condemns the homeless…My prayers are with you and the many many folks who find themselves without a home..

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The El Pomar Foundation has pledged to fund “facilities” to shelter the people once they’re turned out of their camps and stripped of their possessions. Like a privately funded JAIL?

    And of course the “bums” will be required to work for their Much Lauded Saviors.. Just exactly the same way the Privatized Slave Corporations like Wackenhut and Corrections Corporation of America force THEIR prisoners to pay for the privilege of being punished.

    To make that instrument a little more blunt, El Pomar is looking at Buying the homeless PEOPLE as slave labor. What a bunch of real Sweethearts.

    And getting propagan… errr “Advertis..” errr… Good Public Relations that will translate into more Nit-Wits putting money in their bank account, donating to them “helping” the homeless.

    The City Hall Nazis are already saying that’ll make it easier to get people to support their planned Pogrom.


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