DAY 5 Coal River Mountain Treesit

Stop Massey Energy mountain top removalCLIMATE GROUND ZERO activist enter their fifth day of their treesit against Massey Energy’s mountaintop removal operations at Coal River Mountain. Tree-sitters David Aaron Smith, Amber Nitchman and Eric Blevins are going strong despite efforts by mine operators to disrupt their perches 60ft above. Support crew Josh Graupera and Isabelle Rozendaal were arrested for trespass and then released on bond; Josh has the latest update on the Bee Tree site. Get involved here.

UPDATE: David Aaron Smith is now in police custody. Nitchman and Blevins remain aloft.

Youtube video updates are provided here. And photos from the treesits are viewable here. The Coal River Wind website details the alternatives to coal mining and mountaintop removal.

1 thought on “DAY 5 Coal River Mountain Treesit

  1. Unfortunately, Josh and Isabelle were released on bond – they’ve been charged with trespassing and conspiracy. The crew in the trees are being blasted by truck-style airhorns positioned about a yard underneath them. Call Massey and tell them that this harassment and the blasting of Coal River Mountain must stop!!

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