CIA role in so-called Yemen bomb plot wafts odor of who smelt it dealt it

Everything I need to know about CIA Intelligence I learned in elementary school, 9/11, al-Qaeda. Who smelt it, dealt it. Student in Yemen –allegedly, even to herself– mails a package containing explosives, CIA forwards a tip-off. YOU, think of a number between 1 and 10. Even Ockham’s Razor would not predict the CIA can guess it. Do you suppose the New York Times headline got it right? “Bomb Plot Shows Key Role Played by Intelligence.”

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2 Responses to CIA role in so-called Yemen bomb plot wafts odor of who smelt it dealt it

  1. Like the Times Square “bomb” that was deliberately set to not explode. I could make a similar-theme device from a coffee can and a tablespoon of gasoline and a timer about the size of my thumbnail that costs $3 at KMart or the Other Box Store.

    A device like that would dismantle just about any house in Colorado Springs.

    Just one though. Supposedly the guy had 20 kilos each of propane and gasoline, plenty of sparks and plenty of air mix, and a gy-normous child’s toy clock prominently displayed in the window, parked right where the prominently marked Video Surveillance Cameras could see it, and supposedly made by an American-educated College Graduate engineer.

    Setup written all over it. The message, writ clear “Any Muslims educated in America are automatically profiled Terror Suspects”.

    Never mind that the device was fake, otherwise Times Square would have been a shattered wasteland with body parts blown through walls. They stretched credibility with that one, and enough Stupid People believed it, gave the Pigs even more powers to imprison without charges or for that matter evidence.

    And incidentally siphon off even more billions of dollars in undisclosed amounts to undisclosed recipients.

  2. Times Square incidentally named for the Newspaper that gave us The Linked-in Headline. That part is actually a coincidence one can believe. The rest of it smells like last weeks sushi.

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