Colorado Springs est Bleu

From rising Springs union activist Ed Billings:

2 thoughts on “Colorado Springs est Bleu

  1. Thank you for the honor of posting my video Eric, I am hoping that this video will inspire others to stand up and tell Mayor Jackass that enough is enough.
    Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful just can’t wait to take their stuff and throw it away, they were already caught doing that and they are trying to do it again.
    Dee Cunningham who is the executive director of that organization if a pig that has no heart.

  2. There’s two Traffic Light sets right there at the corner of Mean and Ugly… (Kiowa and Nevada cat-a-corner from the southwest corner of City Hall and the northeast corner of the Bus terminal) that each extend halfway across the street. Many people on the bus have noted that they would make a perfect limb for Hanging the entire city council.

    Hanging them would be a waste of good rope. You’d never be able to get the stench of Pond Slime off of it.

    Already many of the “Good” Citizens refuse to hire anybody who has to depend on the bus for transportation. If you’re not wealthy enough for everybody in the family to have his own car you’re not welcome in this town. That’s been going on for quite a while.

    Of course, the homeless PEOPLE they throw into jail will be expected to work, free of charge, for the Private Corrections PIG corporations that run the County Jail and its satellites, run by Wackenhut, CCA, other Slave Corporations. Just like the denizens of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen etc were expected to “earn” their room and board at those legendary 5-Star Hotels.

    We’ll even owe them our bodies after we die, (no doubt from lazy refusal to be slave labor for the Wackenhut corporation) as payment for their generosity in allowing us to live in their Concentration Camps. Arbeit Machs Frei.

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