Easy for Hume to say: Show me the oil

Brit Hume can say that, can’t he? –confident that skeptical viewers can’t produce the evidence because it’s hogtied by dispersants at the bottom of the sea, for now, as effectively as a state witness in cement shoes. Actually, voluminous plumes of them, with countless victims suspended about them deprived of atmosphere. Anything incriminating that has reached the beach is kept from view by BP thugs, intimidating the gulf communities with the menace of Blackwater after Katrina.

Mercenary mall cops with the cinematic malevolence of the Terminator. What a mobster to stand behind armed thugs and taunt your accusers for evidence of your wrongdoings.

Get your dispersant out of the crime scene and I’ll show you oil. Keep your oil-industry-decides the law -enforcement officers’ hands off reporters trying to reach the beaches and I’ll show you oil. Unhand the submersible video footage from which any oil drilling professional can deduce the rate of flow of the oil and I’ll show you oil.

As one commenter put it, let’s drown those responsible in the oily uck, and those covering it up, with the same callous indifference which the culprits are condemning birds, mammals, fish and reptiles.

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1 Response to Easy for Hume to say: Show me the oil

  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Maybe get Hume to refuse to drink his own Kool-Ade?

    I mean, I couldn’t get the opportunity to do it even if he comes to the Springs… but then, that’s the value of knowing activists nationwide. So, perhaps put the bug in a few ears,

    Scenario, a demonstration involving the dispersant agents, some crude oil and some fresh water. To “show how it works”. After the chemicals do their magic dance in a pitcher of water, pour out a glass of it and offer it to Mr Hume to drink.

    Barring that, mayhaps simply challenge him to do the experiment himself, live on the air, with of course independent verification. I wouldn’t put it past the bastard to do some sleight of hand where he takes some dark molasses, some lemon juice and water and fake the demonstration.

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