Forget worrying if gulf spill is Obama’s Katrina. Obama is America’s Katrina.

President Obama let America know at a press conference today that he OWNS this Katrina. BP’s failure is his failure. BP’s lie is now superseded by a minimalization of his own. More bad news about attempts to halt it, nevermind, the Federal Government’s in charge. What does it mean to say the buck stops here if all you’re really doing is stopping it? We’ve got a president playing the bag man on this environmental catastrophe, just as he’s taking responsibility for Bush’s foreign policy and Wall Street’s theft. Instead of pursuing our interests, he’s taking the fall. Except he’s in the position to say “so sue me.”

It’s not that Obama pretends he’s made of Teflon. From where he sits, he can be fly paper. And doesn’t that appear to be his role? It was his most celebrated accomplishment his first year in office. Make American hegemony a little more palatable to our overseas markets. He did it.

If anything’s changed, everything as gotten monumentally worse, with no turning back either. The oil’s leaving of the well, the economy’s only going to get worse before it gets worse. Obama’s right, no good is served trying to assign blame, horses, doors, the barn’s on fire.

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2 Responses to Forget worrying if gulf spill is Obama’s Katrina. Obama is America’s Katrina.

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    You have to assign some blame in matters like this, but instead of doing just that, Obama is actually blocking the road to punishing BP!

    The Obama Administration says that only BP can head up the efforts to stop the gusher and that the Federal government does not have the expertise to do that. That is a bold face lie and is designed only to help keep BP in the drivers seat,
    and to protect them from full criminal liability.

    BP simply is not the only oil company that should have ‘expertise’ in handling busted oil well catastrophe. It is a British company in fact! Meanwhile, in the hometown of my birth, there is another little oil company called Exxon Mobil. Obama could punish BP and use Exxon Mobil (and other oil companies) to help out. But you know what? Why in the world does the US government, that spends trillions of dollars every single year, supposedly have no expertise in this sort of disaster management? LIAR! Barack Obama is just a sheer, bold face liar! It does.

  2. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Eric, you’re that type of Democratic Party voter who’s never happy with the Democrat that’s actually in office.

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