How “Officer Bubbles” and Toronto police “kettled” G20 convergence

Here’s the full story behind the viral video of the young Toronto protester arrested for blowing bubbles at police protecting the G20.

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1 Response to How “Officer Bubbles” and Toronto police “kettled” G20 convergence

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    But according to Our Noble Troll Friends we’re “hypocrites” if we don’t condemn PEOPLE for fighting back against those PIGS who traded their humanity for a badge, a baton and the power that comes from their Thug Gang. Doesn’t even matter if there’s no explicit call for people to bust in some PIGS’ faces, we’re called Hypocrites if we don’t join in the condemnation of people, who, unlike Stephen Patch, Local Gestapo Collaborator, actually have the BALLS to talk back to them or resist their unlawful and immoral deeds.

    We’re supposed to lick their God-damn jackboots instead.

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