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Egyptians support Wisconsin workers

I’ll rally to support the Wisconsin unions, AND let’s hope they too can rise above what immediately threatens them to see that the oppressed of the world have a common enemy.

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How “Officer Bubbles” and Toronto police “kettled” G20 convergence

Here’s the full story behind the viral video of the young Toronto protester arrested for blowing bubbles at police protecting the G20.

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Mondovino: globalization and terroir, Robert Parker versus your good taste

For those with a curiosity for how wine terroir is holding up against the onslaught of wine factory farming, the 10-hour miniseries version of MONDOVINO is finally available on DVD. For viewers curious about viniculture globalization under Californian colonial domination, … Continue reading

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Barack Obama and the globalization of American racism

Barack Obama is about to be put into the White House to try to save America’s business community from its own rampant incompetence and greed. The American ruling class has turned to a Black man to play the role of … Continue reading

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The Shock Doctrine at Colorado College

COLORADO COLLEGE- If you catch Democracy Now on KRCC, you are already up to speed on Naomi Klein‘s SHOCK DOCTRINE: THE RISE OF DISASTER CAPITALISM. Otherwise you can hear the author of No Logo and Fences and Windows: Dispatches from … Continue reading

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Obama said The Ukraine not Ukraine tsk

On the subject of spinning the debates…   Did you hear about Barack Obama’s horrible gaffe in the first debate?! According to public radio, Obama referred to “The Ukraine” instead of the less diminutive “Ukraine” sans-the. PRI’s The World trotted … Continue reading

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Global economic rapists are at it again

Why protest the G8 Summit July 7-9? Those hoodlums always look so determined. Here’s the rationale by the Emergency Exit Collective: The 2008 G8 on Hokkaido, a Strategic Assessment Emergency Exit Collective Bristol, Mayday, 2008 The authors of this document … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize impostor to speak at CC

Colorado College, our evolving Neo-Liberal Arts school, has been inviting a slew of globalization advocates to intone on patriarchal economics. The latest, game theory “Cold Warrior” Thomas Schelling, will speak on Thursday, Feb. 21st. Schelling is being lauded as a … Continue reading

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i have no tribe dot com slash lineage

iHaveNoTribe.com is a stateside effort for ex-pat Kenyans to renounce their tribal ties, or give it the old college try, to set an example for their friends and family (and tribe!) back home. The new refrain being: I am a … Continue reading

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Agent provocateur at Miami FTAA protest

There was a chance this gentleman was helping to hold the line in Miami. But eyewitnesses report he was pushing the girls toward the swinging batons. Are his actions defensible in any manner as law enforcement?

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