Judge-shooter Bruce Nozolino indicted before Facebook friends can jump ship

Bob Balink, Jeff Crank, Bob Beauprez, Kent Lambert and Dave SchulteisConservative petition-circulator Bruce Nozolino warned would-be litigants that he had a reputation, “a propensity to shoot judges and lawyers” and it turns out whoever got in his way. He poses with a rifle on his Facebook profile. Today a local grand jury indicted Nozolino for murder. While Nozolino loitered outside the courthouse beyond a boundary court-ordered by the judge, his associate Doug Bruce was granted immunity for testifying against him. Other Republican friends were not so lucky. Local cronies Bob Balink and Jeff Crank and state crazies Bob Beauprez, Kent Lambert and Dave Schulteis have ties to the self-styled gun-toting avenger, and Facebook has the paper trail! There’s also Robin Coran, whose profile pic features attack-mite Michelle Malkin, local Tea Party heavies Crista Huff and Michelle Morin (Who unfriended Nozolino as I typed this), and other locals who I’ll list here for posterity: “Bob” Clark, Andy McElhany, Carolyn Borgwardt, Jim Pfaff, Judy Rydberg Reyher, Kathy Peterson, Kay Rendleman, Mark H. Barker, Robert J. Lane, Shawn Mitchell, Tom Wiens. This “Likes Cooking bacon with a machine-gun” profile is almost too perfect to be believed, but you can’t claim a Facebook friendship without being accepted.

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9 Responses to Judge-shooter Bruce Nozolino indicted before Facebook friends can jump ship

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Dougie-boy is hiring out-of-towners for the petition drive to get Full Executive Power for the Mayor. I know because one of them struck our house this afternoon, Citizens For Accountable Leadership. Chaired by Andy McElhaney, Mary Ellen McNally and Chuck Murphy. Doug Bruce kept his name off the paper entirely.

    The young dude who talked to Miss Johnnie said two things that don’t add up. That sign I got on the door, the “Wanted: Kokopelli” poster, and that he had learned sign language at the Catholic Church around the corner as an altar boy.

    How the Hell would anybody spend any amount of time in the Springs as a whole or especially Old Colorado City and NOT know who the Kokopelli is?

    Kokopelli is EVERYWHERE here. But this kid was telling Miss Johnnie that he was born and raised here.

    As for a “Strong Executive Mayor” standing up to Corporate Rule, who is he kidding? When has Lyin’-hell Rivera ever stood up to the Corporate Rulers? Just figured I should point that out, because one of the things Dougie-boy was snitching off his Homie for (both of them) doing is hiring out of state temporaries to do his petition drive.

    If Citizens for Accountable Leadership can’t bring themselves to put the name of their Leader Doug Bruce on their corporate letterhead, how are we expected to believe they’ll be honest about anything else?

  2. Avatar patchsl says:

    Question: How are Eric and Brother Jonah, who advocate violence against police, any different than this wacko who advocates violence against lawyers and judges?

    Answer: They’re not.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    One thing is that he IS a lawyer. Kind of self destructive self hate there, yes?

    I wonder how many times he’s ever been handcuffed then beaten by your murdering Pig heroes, Patch.
    If the PIGS keep up the violence, and they will, then people WILL respond violently, and the PIGS have none to blame but themselves, and of course their PIG Loving Back The Badge Lunatics.

    But of course, the PIG who murdered Oscar Grant, just one of Many killer kops, murdering just one of Many victims, did it in self defense, I suppose.

    You want Murderers working for you, I guess you’ll get what you paid other peoples tax money for.

    Maybe they’ll let you lick the blood of their jackboots.

    Maranatha that.
    (pigloving puke)

  4. maybe that was a little too harsh, let me soften that up a bit.

    How does Hypocrite Stephen Patch reconcile whatever differences he perceives between the Roman Cops who murdered Jesus, and the Colorado Springs Cops who punish people for being poor? Or himself for that matter, because he gets his little giggles fantasizing or perhaps participating in the power-trip arrests of people who are homeless. Do they let him help them masturbate when they taser people?

    Patch, I seriously believe that if you had been alive in Jerusalem at the time, you would have been one of the ones spitting on and smacking Jesus. Every faux-elite statement coming from your keyboard backs up that impression. You seriously need to repent.

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Now that you’ve calmed down a bit, consider this: these bozo freaks are like a who’s who of political corruption here in the springs. Balink, for instance, and D. Bruce and B. Nozolino in a massive vote suppression through fraud and intimidation in the 2008 election. As their house of cards was already falling, not just to the ground but into the basement. The USOC real estate scam, for another aspect of it. The one they want a “strong executive Mayor” — as in, the current one who was their accomplice in that deal. The boil has been lanced and the festering corruption is bubbling and oozing out.

    Pretty much they’ve slimed OUR town and OUR nation for quite a while. Slugs leave trails of slime behind.

    Oh, and all of them are heavily involved in giving the Police MORE unlimited license-to-kill powers.

  6. Avatar patchsl says:

    For someone who doesn’t want to be judged, you sure judge others a lot … oh, and by the way, sticks and stones may break my bones… but names… well… names only show how weak you and your words are…

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Sticks and stones… hmmmm…
    Hypocrisy befits you.
    Slurp, slurp,slurrrrrrrrpppppp…
    Now that you’re done you might want to get you a rag and a can of polish, BOY cause you done licked all the shine of that boot….

    Your PIGS beat, arrest and even MURDER people for such “crimes” as calling them names.</strong And you sit back and allow it to happen without so much as a squeak of protest. You enable their MURDERS as surely as if you held down the victim while your Coward Pig Comrade shoots him, in the back is the preferred PIG method.

    When people shoot back, like with your PIG comrades Jensen and Jordan, just to name two of them, you PIGLOVER sucks whine about the injustice of it all.

    By the way, Jensen and Jordan got exactly what they and every other PIG who traded his humanity for a uniform, badge and gun Dish Out. It might not be what they deserved, exactly, but it IS a case of "what comes back around after they've sent it around".

    Doug Bruce and his evil twin Bruce Nozolino celebrate the Police State as well, like when the issue of persecuting people for being homeless or otherwise helpless comes up, and I notice a lot of names from your Comrades-in-Harm from City Hall and County Commissioners there on the list. Thieves of a feather.

    Too bad they don't round up your merry band of THIEVES the way your PIGS attack people who are helpless.

    It's the essential cowardice of the PIG condition, though.
    Glad you don't like it, I strive to not please coward-ass Pigloving Sucks nor the PIGS they support.

    Especially when they try to hide their cowardice and sadistic motivations behind the name of Christian. My words about how you personally would have joyfully participated in His crucifixion or any other Violent Assault where you don't happen to be the victim, they stand.

    They stand because you personally gloat over other people fallen into misfortune. You would have spat on Jesus literally the same way you do figuratively.

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, and try to remember that Sticks and Stones bit the next time you’re defending your Titty-baby PIGS after they’ve beaten up or arrested or killed somebody for “calling them a NAME”.

    I bet you won’t. Doug Bruce doesn’t, although he crows much about being a “libertarian” and standing for freedom, and all the escapees from a Tragic Trailer Park Explosion who follow him and his Retarded doctrine. I almost misspelled that “Dork-trine” or something similar. Fitting though.

    Try to remember your pious fakery when you say YOU ever stood for freedom of speech, but you called the Pigs on Rita for passing out fliers at the Soup Kitchen. I’ll remember it.
    Point it out to you and your freak-ass friends too. Sean Paige, who occasionally reads the blog. Bruce, Rivera, Liars Meyers, Maketa, all your little Thief gang. And don’t forget to try to hide your crimes behind the name of God. Oh, that’s right, you don’t ever forget to do that.

  9. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    You know, if these guys had Arabic names they would have all been “rendered” to Egypt or Guantanamo or some other Torture-for-hire sites and nobody would know where they went.

    Just on that level of evidence.

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