Is Walmart trademark “Price Rollback” nostalgic for better shopping days?

Smile, you're saving even more.What is a Walmart “price ROLLBACK” but a way to take credit for sale pricing present and past? You generate goodwill for deals you’re advertising, and buttress customer loyalty for savings you offered in bygone times, whether you did or not.

Do “rollbacks” recall fond bargain-hunting nostalgia or are they marketer-conjured false memories? By implication likewise, where are the price rollups? Will Walmart’s idiot customer base ever hold the covert price tag markups against the evil retail giant? Is “rollback” really a trademarked synonym for the usual markdown? Here’s what I really want to know: is the veracity of Walmart’s claim to legacy values enforceable? Wonder Bread didn’t build bodies 24 ways, if Walmart whatzits didn’t sell for $1.53, ever, then they can’t say it. Fire sale, liquidating, dumping is acceptable.

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  1. Avatar dan says:

    i buy my milk at Walmart because its the cheapest around at 2.01 a gallon. today a bought a gallon of milk at Walmart, same brand -great value-, and price was 2.12 with a sign above it saying rollback, was 2.72 now 2.12. i buy it there every week. wonder how often this happens on other products

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