Jeju Island antiwar resisters under attack today by US and S. Korean Navy

Activist Bruce Gagnon reports that Jeju Island villagers face eminent attack today from US and South Korean navy who’ve been determined to seize the Jeju coast for an Aegis destroyer base in the American bid for a militarized encirclement of China. Local antiwar ally Sung-Hee Choi is among the peaceful resisters anticipating today’s crackdown under cover of Korean tensions over another disputed island, and facing the usual western media blackout.
12/27 UPDATE

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3 Responses to Jeju Island antiwar resisters under attack today by US and S. Korean Navy

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    While and at the same time, yet another crisis involving the notion of “how did our oil get under their sand?”
    Cote d’Ivoire, Africa, friendly neighborhood port facility for the oil from Ghana and Nigeria… experiencing a slight “economic and political upheaval” hiccup.

    Since the Monroe Doctrine, enhanced to include any body of water that touches American soil and the Foreign Vassal States that also touch the same water, you know, like the Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes, Caribbean Sea and of course the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans automatically grant the U.S. (mostly (now) oil industry) Corporate Sponsors ownership of hmmm… let’s see… Every place on the planet big enough to support a U.S. Military base… expanded through the Spanish American War, later expanded with the Reagan Doctrine, further expanded by Bush the Elder Doctrine and Bush the Simple Doctrine, now on cruise control (and no other control) grants us not just the right but the Responsibility to run the rest of the world the way we want it to be (“we” meaning “our” leaders, not us simple peasants)…

    That means more of our Simple Peasant Brethren will be needed to police the Cote d’Ivoire “situation”.

    That’s bound to complicate and to be complicated by the decision to play a massive game of Ring Around The Chinese.
    Seems training, transporting and arming the Simple Peasants who are going to be the ones fighting for the Freedom (to obey, conform and comply) of those poor benighted savages is somewhat of an expensive proposition, that means either we’ll have to back another hot check written by the Pentagon or back off from one set of Imperial Wars to fight yet another Imperial War.

    The latter seems far less likely than the former, but guess what? We ain’t got no more credit at the International Bank, and since the International Banking community was managed by OUR Wall Street thieves to begin with, well, they don’t have the money to even pretend to cover the hot check.

    There are people in Texas serving consecutive life sentences for writing hot checks in the amounts of thousands of dollars.
    A thousand times a thousand is a million, and a million times a million is a trillion. Shouldn’t the thieves writing the hot checks for trillions of dollars suffer consecutive life sentences as well?

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, the site is mostly in Korean, also the signs are mostly in Korean. They’re more about impressing their own countrymen. They already know what the American government thinks.

    There were a couple of sentences down at the bottom, written in English, by one “chowhuh”

    The Island of Peace
    The peace can only be achieved by power. The peace without it is too fragile and just an empty word. The histories prove that again and again. Hawaiian Islands are most peaceful place on earth. But it is also a place of formidable Pacific Fleet.

    Yeah, Chow Huh, about that… Your Masters in the “formidable pacific fleet”, did they mention to you that they, and Not The Hawaiian People, own Hawaii?

    Nice to see a fine patriot giving away his country in exchange for “peace”, the same peace that any Slave can claim.

    About the best thing one can say about North Korea is at least they’re not dogs on the Washington Leash. Like Seoul.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    …and Honolulu… and London… And Berlin… And Rome…
    …Athens…. …Tokyo… …Baghdad… …Kabul… …Taipei…

    Kneel before your Yankee Masters, slave-dog!

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