Rand Paul is a straw man, a scary one. Chicken Littles are tilting at scarecrow

Progressive voices are a-twitter about keeping tea party buffoon Rand Paul in ascendance. The joke I suppose is that he makes the Democrats look good. Obviously you need to look to further rightist extremes to keep that up. Laughs at Sarah Palin’s expense only enhanced her shadow. It got Obama elected, holding voters at “change we can believe in” as opposed to the change we needed. Boogie-persons Palin and Paul are not only straw man opponents, they’re scarecrows.

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1 Response to Rand Paul is a straw man, a scary one. Chicken Littles are tilting at scarecrow

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    About now, the only people “on the fence” about extremist values, such as espoused by the TeaBags, would be TeaBags who are reconsidering whether it’s justifiable to threaten violence against Americans for the defense of “ideals” which their leaders don’t actually share. One wouldn’t be able, for instance, to get into the parking lot at any Fox News subsidiary while packing a firearm, or (to their mindset, even worse, Liberal Propaganda) and if you were to go onto Fox Property, or to a TeaBag celebration you’d be arrested. Promptly.
    Like the “hecklers” at the “Worship Mrs Palin Rally” in Arizona, who were being “removed” even while she was saying “don’t sit down and don’t shut up (unless you disagree with my Satanic Majesty of course)”

    The problem isn’t whether Rand Paul or Mrs Palin actually believe their own bullshit. It’s the idiots with the guns.

    George Bush and Richard Cheney and Karl Rove combined couldn’t bust a single grape, would never be able to control anything or especially not kill large numbers of people in America or anywhere else.

    Again, it’s the Idiots With Guns who actually believed their lies and are quite willing to kill for Their Glorious Leaders.

    Exposing those leaders as the hypocrites and demagogues they truly are, that MIGHT have some value.

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