Is Barack Obama Sarah Palin in lipstick?

Barack Palin morphIt’s tempting to brush off the ol’ BIGOTRY IN LIPSTICK sign for Sarah Palin’s whistle stop in Colorado Springs tonight. Palin and her fans make for easy laughs, but with President Obama unmasked this week as Cheney’s new War Czar, who is Sarah “Plain and Small” but the 2012 GOP straw man to ensure Obama’s reelection? I have no interest in joining the Democrats in play-crying Wolf over Scary Palin.

A more effective approach might be to tar Sarah Palin with the Obama deception, as for example, the ugly side of the same Obama coin. SARAH PALIN IS OBAMA IN BOOGIEMAN LIPSTICK.

Come election 2012, how is anyone to mount a viable third party candidate with the specter of Sarah Palin haunting a weakened Obama? It’ll be the same old excuse for circling the wagons around the lesser of evils, the horrors being unthinkable to risk splitting the “progressive” vote. Of course, if anything is to be accomplished by way of reform and change, a non-Democrat, non-corporate candidate will have to do it, that is if you entrust electoral politics with any remaining hope at all.

You’d think it wouldn’t take an example as extreme as Sarah Palin to make President Obama look smart. The comparison may be an indication of how much ground Obama wants to give himself in his plans to disappoint us.

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3 Responses to Is Barack Obama Sarah Palin in lipstick?

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    There are also those in the R party who are looking, seriously, to Richard Cheney. Because they know he’s got the Racist, warmongering part down, scores with a large bloc of their base… and he’s not as dumb as Sarah. And he’s still not under indictment for his many crimes. They think of him as both Ruthless and competent. Remember that their party actually thinks the term “do-gooder” is an insult. They don’t mind Evil, as long as they got Decisive.

  2. Avatar Pinche says:

    A Minnesota man has been arrested on suspicion of throwing two tomatoes at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin during a stop on her book tour.

    Jeremy Paul Olson, 33, is accused of hurling the tomatoes at the former vice presidential candidate from a second-floor balcony at the Mall of America outside Minneapolis on Monday, CBS News reported. Palin, who was signing copies of her book, “Going Rogue,” at a Barnes & Noble store, was not hit. Two nearby police officers were struck by tomato fragments.

    Olson, from St. Paul, was arrested on charges of suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct. Arresting officers said they found two more tomatoes he had been carrying.

  3. That’s like (a LOT like) Ann Coulter getting hit with a pie, and having the pie-throwers thrown in PRISON on Felony Assault charges. Typical Republican “Courage”. The Smug Bitch actually said she was happy that the two pie-throwers were being sent to prison for three and a half years.

    Sarah Palin displays the same level of “Hide Behind The Pigs” courage.

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