Religious nonviolence is a death cult

Reading about the media/police snap to judgment on the Palmdale CA, Queen Marisol Girls prayer picnic, I had to wonder what behavior defines a “death cult.” Trotting off to the park to chant prayers and submit to a rapture sounds exactly like the nonviolence zealots I know. Pray fast and furious, but for God’s sake, don’t stay the sword!

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It’s been a while, but the U.S. government made “counter terrorism” arrests on behalf of the Chinese government regarding Falun Gong. A Kung-fu “cult” that’s neither more nor less benign than Tai Chi. I get really intensely unsettled feelings when I see Glenn Beck (Mormon) and Sean Hannity (Catholic) and Chuck Norris (Christian but also Kung Fu/Martial artist) and some of Sarah Palin’s Whackadoodledoo friends who insist that Kung Fu, LDS and Catholicism are all Satanic Cults. So which of them are telling anything resembling the truth?

    I mean, once I’m lumped into the same category with Damien, and Nicolae Carpathia, and the little girl from the Exorcist movie I kind of tend to not want to share a stage with the people who say it. But that’s just me. Maybe I’m a little too sensitive to Hate-vibes, like the vibrations of the sounds coming out of their mouths when they say, “hey, we think you’re satanic and We Hate You”.

    Especially when the people saying it have a history of having their followers kill for them.

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