Wikileaks has crippled US warmaking, now, what you can do for Wikileaks

Wikileaks has blood on its hands, says the US military, red-handed. No kidding. Wikileaks killed the war in Afghanistan is what it did, and all those who informed on the resistance or might have been thinking to collaborate with the US/NATO occupiers. 15,000 of the records were held back pending redaction, but Wikileaks informs us that even their full content will eventually be unveiled at a later, less sensitive date. In France there’s still contention about identifying those who betrayed the resistance during WWII. Wikileaks has struck a mortal blow to US war-making, as much as the media are trying to drum against it. Here’s what you can do to INSURE this great equalizing tool alive.

Wikileaks creator Julian Assange has stashed a “if anything should happen to me” file to be opened in the event of US obstruction. Not even Senator Lieberman’s effort to impose online Marshal Law will preempt the “insurance” this file offers, because things work differently on the interwebs. The file’s already out there, encrypted. You can grab a copy for yourself. If anything untoward befalls Assange, Wikileaks releases the key. Your taking a piece of the action assures that the number of copies out there will defy containment.

Right now you can go to and download the insurance.aes256 file directly, or you can use P2P with a torrent link, in the process helping to disseminate the file. Next simply burn the file to a DVD and stash it away.

By the way, Assange has prefaced the mysterious contents of the file thus: it’s less about insuring his safety, than insuring that historical records aren’t usurped from mankind’s shared legacy.

7 thoughts on “Wikileaks has crippled US warmaking, now, what you can do for Wikileaks

  1. Whilst I very much admire Wikileaks and Mr. Assange, downloaders of this file might want to first consider that both law-enforcement and the military are logging IPs that download it, especially through bit-torrent. If you are not worried about this, then by all means, we payed for it though high taxation, and it is after all, the product of a rogue military engaging in an unconstitutional and resource-based war. I am quite sure we had detailed info on the vast resource discovery a long time ago, and held it secret as long as possible. Certainly this is much of the true interest in Afghanistan? And they say Mr. Assange has bloody hands? Oh my,……that must make the military really, really bloody. I was actually under the impression that the military didn’t mind sending home body-bags. I thought casualties were not only expected, but even encouraged. And of course, never mind the myriad civilian deaths; blame that on the Taliban, you know, those guys who infiltrated Iran for BritishPetroleum, no, wait, that was the CIA, …….I meant those guys who knocked down the towers,….oh wait, that was Larry Silverstein. Anyway, the Taliban kills civilians, and wants to eat your family, and if you don’t give the military all of your money, and sacrifice all of your liberties too, they will, with hummus.

  2. There’s also the notion of re-naming the file before putting it back. Of course they could then look for every file being torrented of that exact size. Downloading it through a public portal like the library, the McDonalds ones and similar would probably be blocking it, with a quickness.

    How and why they somehow didn’t put the same technology to finding the email TO Scooter Libby, well, that’s not even much speculation. It came off the White House LAN, which is considerably smaller than the Entire Internet. Yet they can sniff out somebody not just sending but RECEIVING a bootleg of some Disney Crap. Allegedly of course.

    Perhaps there’s an exploitable political angle off in that direction. Throw some of the shit back toward them and some of it will stick.

  3. While I don’t like fighting anymore than others do I still LOVE my family!!!!And by this informatin being published It is my opinion that WikiLeaks has most definitely put my Love ones in Grave Danger. While you may think you are keeping the American Public informed you are also informing our Enemies!!!! So please don’t take offense if I say I don’t like what you did. And while supposedly keeping us informed you ENDANGERED my LOVED ONES as well as other families LOVED ONES….Hope you can live with what you have done!!!!!!!!

  4. What of the LOVED ONES endangered by yours? Killed actually, in vast numbers. By soldiers whom you would like to protect from “Grave Danger.” Their actions, our policies, have put them there, it’s none of Wikileaks’ doing.

    By the way, the documents were leaked less to keep YOU informed than to end the war. Clearly you’re beyond being outraged at the US crimes unveiled. The leaked logs will deter Afghans from collaborating with their occupiers and thus hasten a withdrawal.

    Give a thought to the LOVED ONES of others, and tell your LOVED ONE to stop shooting.

  5. The corporations who make money from each killing, each maiming, in Afghanistan and Iraq and anywhere else they damn well please to send your family to kill and die for them, THEY are the ones who put your family members in danger.

    They did it with their most heinous lies, propaganda campaigns like the one you’re being sucked into right here and now, telling your family members that they’re fighting for Freedom instead of the truth, which is they’re fighting for corporate money.

    The lies were bound to come out. Why not direct your anger at those who Lied you into the war? We’ve been vilified for 10 years now for stating the truth, called liars and traitors for not joining in with the Liars and Murderous Thieves who ARE traitors, they betrayed your family as well as mine and every nation on earth. Including our own. They’ve driven America into such a deep economic crisis that many are willing to accept a dictatorship assigned to whoever can figure a way to pull us out.

    My nephew is in the Army. I think he’s incredibly stupid to do it, but he’s there. I only hope he, too, will grow enough Courage and Honor to do what Bradley Manning has done, and clean up America’s military from within. Or better yet, get discharged and help us clean it up from without.

    If the TRUTH harms the cause your family, and mine, are defending, then that cause is not worth his life, nor your loved ones lives. Purely and simply.

    Right and Wrong aren’t measured by how much danger is encountered by standing up for Right.

    I’ve heard again and again, sometimes from the churches, that God ordained this war. If God had ordained this war, why would so many LIES need be told to start it and to sustain it? Is not God truth? When they do that they take the name of God in vain, while bearing False Witness, in order to Steal from other Human Beings, and Kill them if they don’t comply with being robbed. They dishonor the names of their fathers and mothers by doing so, equally as much as their blasphemous statements that God told them to do so. They do it to gain a Graven Image, money, which they worship as though it were a god. They even call it the Almighty. Jack van Impe, a noted Televangelist, says that the attacks at the WTC were against Americas religion.
    Oh, Really? What religion is practiced in what’s essentially a Marketplace and Bank? Why, the graven image Money.

    You can’t serve God and Mammon. van Impe has made his choice. In all that there are two of the Commandments not named. The RAPES of prisoners by the torturers at the “interrogation centers”… because the only people who would make effective Interrogators are people who get sexually aroused by it… that counts for the Adultery…

    And they do the other 9 on a Saturday to make it a perfect score of 10.

    Miss Debbie, I don’t like your relatives over there any more than I do mine, or their army soiling the name of American. I don’t like it that many many AFGHAN and IRAQI families will be killed, not by the uncovering of the truth, but by the deliberate concealment of it by not Wikileaks but by “our” Army.

    They are the ones, ma’am, who will have the blood on their hands. No, who already DO have the blood on their hands.
    I see one guy riding around town on a motor scooter he calls “Scooter Libby” and soiling the American Flag by waving two of them from his motorbike, praising the Traitors like Libby and Rove and Bush and Cheney and Palin who betray AMERICANS into doing their killing and dying to put money into their greedy thieving pockets.

    They have no shame, no remorse, for doing that, and they call US traitors for pointing out their guilt. And they enlist people like you to join in their Chorus of Lies and Hatred.

    You can do better than that for your loved ones, the Other Victims of the actions “our” Army commits in our name, and the name of our nation and blasphemously in the Name of my God.
    Open your eyes, Woman! See the deceit brought about by those who tell you that WE are the ones putting your family in danger. Open your ears, so you can hear the cries of the CHILDREN both bereaved when “our” Army takes away their families, violently, and their cries as they’re hoisted on Army bayonets, offered as a blood sacrifice to the god “Almighty Dollar”.

    There might not be a way to stop the Murders. One thing that WILL DEFINITELY NOT stop them is compliance and appeasement to the Murderers and allowing them to LIE to us.

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