When I get my gun

If I had a gun it would serve as my point of meditation.
[Excerpt, Swimming Upstream, Eve Ensler editor]
And I would look at it and re-remember Harriet Tubman’s steely whisper and Nanny’s ear-splitting yell, Ida B. Wells’ unrelenting voice and Fannie Lou Hamer’s unwavering glare. I’d remember Nat Turner’s plot and Tony Morrison’s advice.

And when I shot my gun, my target would be well planned, my aim precise. I would know exactly who to shoot, and when and where to shoot them, and how many of their friends needed to be shot too.

And when they were dead, when they were all dead, so would be oppression, globalism, neocolonialism, government, capitalism, enslavement, corporations, greed, hunger, hate, religion, war, poverty, cruelty.

No no, it can’t be too soon for me, the day I get my gun.

5 thoughts on “When I get my gun

  1. Yeah. There might be some of that action tomorrow, stupid boy Beck is planning to crown himself MLK of the new millennium. In a city that’s predominately black. AFTER wiring up the TeaTards with racist rhetoric.

    There’s no way I’ll be ashamed of any aspect of my heritage, white or Indian. No matter how much shame those bastards bring on the white “race”, or try to. They only shame themselves. The “white” southern and rural folk have done a few things worthy of Ancestor-pride. But that’s not what they’re celebrating. They’re celebrating Slavery. It’s too bad that’s what they want themselves to be remembered for. Too terribly bad.

    I would think they could, you know, after like a hundred and 55 years, just get the Hell over it. But, NOOOOOO…

    They like to call themselves Rebels and Revolutionaries, but they’re rebelling against what? Change that never happened in the first place. “Rebelling” in favor of keeping their Rulers in power. A “revolution” of Status Quo, opposition to any disruption of their long national march into Hell.

  2. I have an idea – for intelligent people to actually take your website seriously, why don’t you write an article that is critical of Islam? Hmm? Oh yea, you know the Muslims will kill you if you do! You’re nothing but a coward!

  3. HaHaHa!

    There have been such, you just don’t pay attention.
    But the people who say they’re “christian” and then act completely out of control Satanic…

    Like you’re retarded anti-mosque demonstrations, pure racism and you know it.

    I’m Christian and American, but you Terroristic “christians” pose a far greater threat to America and Americans than any combination of Muslims do.

    Pump up the hatred so you can justify taking their countries and killing them if they object?

    No Muslim ever drew a weapon against me, in America. Plenty of so-called “christians” did, and you know, it was always about Race. Now you Hate-Freak Professional Victims say that I’m supposed to join you in lynching an entire quarter of the PEOPLE in the world? Fuck yourself. It’s the only way you’ll ever get laid.

  4. You really do sound a lot like Hitler, you know? Taking on a tiny minority of the nation, by your reckoning Deutschland America is a “christian” country, right?

    So you target a group of AMERICANS who actually haven’t exempted themselves from any of the duties of American Citizenship. A group of “extremists” with Middle Eastern ties, right(wing)? Fear of a Zionist Islamo-fascist plot to take over the world and make poor helpless little frightened “christian” bunny rabbits like yourself into their slaves?

    Oh, my, what a frightened little professional Victim you are! You have to get together with other Frightened Little Bunny Rabbits and protest those swarthy skinned ones, otherwise they’ll know you’re afraid of the Swarthy Skinned Ones, even though that’s the whole theme of your movement.

    Take “back” America? You pussies never HAD America.

  5. Not My Tribe now is exactly what happens when liberal Democrats go off howling at the full moon like a fool pack of lunatics.

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