Chris Hedges speaks about MoveOn as if we all know it’s a reprehensible .org

So the uninitiated are left to guess. “Reprehensible” is a mighty harsh condemnation. Is MOVE ON reprehensible for having arisen from the alarm against a Republican’s illegal war, but now it keeps silent about a Democrat’s? Are they reprehensible for trying, like the many pro-Dem grassroots networks, to co-op the anti Wall Street message? The good news is that Chris Hedges doesn’t think any of the liberal establishment will be able to commandeer OCCUPY WALL STREET, which he calls a movement too big to fail.
My own disgust is with MoveOn’s vanguard strategy to champion the issue of forgiving student loan debt. Not a terrible idea of course, but the call paints students who support OCCUPY WALL STREET to be only motivated by selfish reasons, creating a wedge between students and the working class. If student loan relief is something Obama can then champion, MoveOn sweeps them back into his orbit, and away from the radical occupiers.

1 thought on “Chris Hedges speaks about MoveOn as if we all know it’s a reprehensible .org

  1. major UPS to Chris. Look at his life history, and consider that possibly he KNOWS something .. and YES – moveon is a REPREHENSIBLE political PAC, which SOLD us the obummer LIE .. “peace candidate” turns out to be Son of Bush WARHAWK extreme.
    If moveon’s lips are movin’ they are LYIN’
    moveOut, moveOn, get outta town..

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