Destitute Detra Farries tried to prevent her vehicle and all her belongings being impounded, to tragic outcome

COLORADO SPRINGS– Uh oh, news at six. I chanced upon District 17, room S380 today where Detra Farries is accused of dragging a tow-truck driver to his death earlier this year. The mother of eight was trying to prevent her vehicle, filled with all the family’s belongings, from being towed from an apartment parking lot. The result was horrific scene and Ms. Farries immediately cooperated with the police. But the local press has been very unkind to Ms. Farries and they’ve described the event as Farries jumping into her car to speed off. Hopefully they will temper their condemnation today as the evidence revealed the tow chains were not attached until after Farries got into her vehicle. Which means what, the tow-truck driver was defying Ms. Farries? I’m wondering, if Farries had been a white male, would a local TV audience more easily empathize with a driver refusing to surrender his vehicle, determined to move it himself instead of surrendering it to a tow-truck? Possession being 9/10ths, personal property rights, etc… At issue today was Ms. Farries’ $50,000 bond, five times higher than what it should be. The prosecution asserts that the mother of eight is a flight risk, pointing to her car-full of belongings as evidence of her airworthiness. Can you devise any more insulting a charge against someone who’s homeless?
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3 thoughts on “Destitute Detra Farries tried to prevent her vehicle and all her belongings being impounded, to tragic outcome

  1. I completely agree with this post, this case exemplifies the desperation individuals face as a result of a system designed to keep certain individuals at the bottom

  2. The facts point out that this woman had been living in an apartment of the complex, her children were living with other relatives because her husband was in jail, and her SUV was illegally parked. All she needed to do was park in a different spot, but she chose to ignore the results of her actions. Witness testified that she knew Rose was tangled in the cable, and yet she did not stop until he was dead.

  3. The tow truck driver was a creep but that still is no justification for him being murdered by Detra Farries. She was upset no doubt and her life might have been falling apart. Now she is in jail, though, and separated pretty much for good from her own kids for killing the asshole tow truck driver.

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