News of the World crimes belong to Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, Fox News, Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal

The issue of Rupert Murdoch’s lawless news empire isn’t about phone hacking to break news, it’s about surveillance used for the same purposes as intelligence agencies, to control political climates, to effect outcomes based on what you have on the players. Does the FBI have to find evidence of malfeasance in the US to make Murdoch any less guilty? The important point to make is that News Of The World, is News Corp, is Rupert Murdoch, is News International, is Fox, is Dow Jones, is the Wall Street Journal. With the WSJ, Murdoch’s sway over the stock market may mean he dictates the editorial voice of all corporate media properties. Anyway, who can pretend the corporate kleptocracy isn’t a shared agenda? Murdoch may be just one rotten apple, but now everyone can see how rotten. Here’s a chance to wash him out.

If the ‘Left’ is serious about doing something credible to counteract the capitalist class, now is the time. Do the work of informing the public on how News Corp has been twisting the truth not just to sell papers and floor wax, but to promote an agenda of limitless greed at the expense of working and poor people. In reality, Rupert Murdoch is just one cog in a very large propaganda machine, but he is a significant dynamic that binds the corporatists and political right-wing together. Telling the plain truth about Murdoch at this time is the best weapon progressives have at their disposal.

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1 Response to News of the World crimes belong to Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, Fox News, Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal

  1. That should have linked to the Ass-Roots “spontaneous” demonstration in favor of Lamborn.
    I was waiting at the Ft Worth bus terminal for several hours, they had like twelve teevees all blowing hot air from DumFox about how OUTRAGE! d everybody was supposed to be when the NYT gave MoveOn a discount on a one time ad.

    That it was a de-facto campaign contribution even though there was no actual candidate from the Democratic Party yet.

    The only way to escape was to go outside into the thousand degree Texas heat.

    But they did that constantly, even had it in the background when they turned to other made up nontroversies.
    Seems to me that a couple of hours of TV time costs a lot more than any one-day run of even a great big newspaper.
    I can estimate Rupert Murdoch and his dumbass partners spent about a billion dollars airing that non-stop for a week.

    Guess the OUTRAGE! is supposed to be all one-sided.

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