Disney stop poisoning our children

Disney stop poisoning our children
OCCUPIED COLO. SPRINGS- Brianna saw the Adbusters flag with the corporate stars and stripes and was shocked to see the Disney logo in the multinational firmament. Do I have to hate Disney she asked?

2 thoughts on “Disney stop poisoning our children

  1. They’ve even bought the “rights” to the Muppets. You know, the ones.
    They were developed by Children’s Television Workshop at public expense, And Disney “owns” them, now that Jim Henson is long gone.

  2. So let the commercial blitz begin. We’ll no doubt be seeing little plastic Kermits and Miss Piggy’s in the Unhappy fakeMeals To complement the Monopoly game for the grownups so they, too, can join in the childlike adoration of the Cult of Capital.

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