Egypt’s protesters are owed 302 lives

After Hosni Mubarak did his best last night to bite his thumb at his gaping-mouthed subjects, the heart of humanity aches in anticipation of the potential of angry bloodshed Friday in the streets of Cairo. Egypt’s JAN25 organizers have so far held steady to a winning strategy of nonviolent protest, in spite of the tremendous state repression, and as yet it’s only moved them forward. But Mubarak has proved that the success of demonstrations is not judged by public opinion. Revolutions very traditionally involve an overthrow. Despotic torturers rarely capitulate to appeals to their conscience. Before the revolutionaries can ensure the universal support of the Egyptian people, they will have to commandeer the state’s propaganda machine. Hopefully sympathetic employees will turn it over without forcing the demonstrators to compel its silence. While it might be prudent to guard against provocateurs inciting mayhem, public audacity wanes without momentum. Let’s not discount the gains which the brave youth of Jan25 have won with violence. Tahrir Square would not have been gained without wave after wave of assaults against the ranks of riot police. Returning the thrown stones was the only action which kept Mubarak’s goons from overtaking Tahrir and slitting everyone’s throats. Whether Egypt’s freedom-seekers this Friday take the high road or the low, under fire from Mubarak’s security goons, we must support them.

1 thought on “Egypt’s protesters are owed 302 lives

  1. Standing in the bright sunlight, wearing a white shirt and popping a pistol into the crowd.

    Where are all these “armed militants” who pose such a threat that such an action would be justified?

    Either they’re not present, no snipers, not one person with a rifle, thus the coward CAN stand out firing indiscriminately into a crowd, In which case he’s a liar and a murderer…

    Or what would the alternative be? Since they claim the former to be the case, and that he has a right and a duty to fire into the crowd…

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