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“In the footsteps of Martin Luther King”, as if he’d lead a meaningless ask-for-nothing commemoration

Another million pawn march, to nowhere, commemorating the corporate brand of “MLK” sterilized of instructional efficacy, sanitized of King’s ultimate demands: jobs, economic justice, peace. This weekend’s 50th anniversary of the dream speech was the usual reminder that professional organizers abound who will gladly wear out would-be activists until they have no energy for real demonstrations. Of course there’s “work that remains to achieve King’s Dream”, who knows that better than the assholes waylaying it, then every year genuflecting before their sainted fictional MLK.

Turks protest against war fever of their government and NATO

Many in the US government and European governments would like for Turkey to go and duke it out in Syria, but ordinary Turkish citizens are not in support of this war fever. See Protesters March Against War in Istanbul as Tension With Syria Escalates … The Obama regime has done little in its four years in office to diffuse the Pentagon sponsored war making in the Middle East and Asia. In fact, the Obama Administration seems to be using Syria as a stepping stone for a coming attack against Iran.

Egyptians have fun attacking Hillary Clinton with tomatoes

Hillary thinks that she and Barack can continue brokering the US government desired breakup of the Egyptian popular rebellion against the US made- Egyptian military, but she might well be completely wrong??? Egyptians pelt Clinton motorcade with tomatoes Protesters chant 'Monica, Monica', throw shoes and water bottles at US secretary of state's motorcade.

Huge Rally protests yet another fraudulent Mexican election

The winner is declared after posting only an official 38% of the vote. A recount is done but only of half the ballots, not all of them. Much of the country utterly detests the return of the part of dictatorship back into controlling the country’s highest office. They will make their collective voices known now, even if their voices can not be made known through Mexico’s fraudulent electoral apparatus. Mexicans challenge Pena Nieto's victory in huge march ___We, in the US, face the same sort of challenges that Mexico faces. And our electoral system does not allow us to register our public discontent with the system here either.

Spanish miners lead defense against the super rich’s demands for yet more ‘austerity’ for everybody else

We once had a militant miners union in the US, much of it centered in the West Virginia coal mining regions. That militancy is now gone and the state is now noted for its Democratic Party electorate opposing Barack Obama mainly because he is Black. However in Spain, the coal miners are still militant and are in the forefront of defending Spaniards from the repression of the ‘austerity’ agenda of the European and American super rich. Spain coal miners block roads in mass strike.

Quebec’s government makes democratic protest an illegal act

One gets so damn tired of always hearing people in the US and Canada parrot the corporate media bullshit that they live in some sort of democracy. The increasing crackdown’s on all forms of political demonstrations keep getting more and more dictatorial Police State like and here is the current situation now in Quebec as student protests continue to rock that province with protests against rising tuitions. The provincial government of Quebec has passed emergency legislation to curtail the most sustained student protests in Canadian history.

‘Curtailing protest’ is the mark of the corporate Police State dictatorship. Who told this ‘democracy’ and its political hacks that their job is to ‘curtail’ citizen activities?

‘Opposition leader Pauline Marois from the Parti Quebecois called for Mr Charest (Quebec Premier) to hold elections because of the law’s unpopularity. Ms Marois said Friday was “one of the darkest days of Quebec democracy”.’

Indeed the Parti Quebecois leader is speaking the truth here. And in the US the situation is hardly any better than it is in Quebec. We want true democracy and not this National Security State corporate dictatorship currently in place over us all. Shame on the national governments of the US and Canada both for continually chipping away at the citizen right to protest government activities free of police assaults!

Up to 200,000 young people ‘occupied’ Montreal last week in protest

Turns out that the Occupy Movement is not so dead after all, it’s just that the corporate media wants you to think that it is. ‘Occupy Montreal’ is not exactly organized in the way that Occupy Wall Street has done up to now, but it was way more successful last week when massive anti-government demonstrations took place there in Quebec and the majority of the demonstrators were young people! What if this youth protest begins to spread once again into the USA? See Students stage monster march in Montreal to protest against tuition-fee hikes- Read it on Global News …If it does, that will shake the entire world up! Youtube has an excellent video of this march and protest… Montreal Student Protest – March 22, 2012 – Manifestation Étudiante Montréal.

How to defeat Kettling

The British anarchists showed the way.
Kettling, by the way, is the full scope of the ‘free speech zone” bullshit the pigs like to publicize. “Free” speech but only in an area enclosed by a wall of police armor, clubs, tear gas, pain weapons, and of course conveniently far far away from witnesses like the so-called “free” press.
And when the “free” press actually do wander too close to the “Free’ speech zone, they’re arrested for inciting a riot.
But the Brits showed the way, last week, successfully mobbing Prince Charles’ car, frightening him and his beard Camelface. errr “bride Camilla” yeah, that’s the ticket. And the method is simple in its brilliance and brilliant in its simplicity.

Kettle the cops. Instead of one Large demonstration near the political bullshit session, aka parade, aka booksigning, aka pro-establishment rally, aka Support the Troops rally, have several dozen smaller rallying points beyond the “free” speech zone. 50 people and less than ten overturned vehicles can block any strategic intersection. Reduce the PIGS mobility the way they seek to restrict ours.
Just the threat of it being applied again would be enough for them to realize that the only way they can Kettle anybody is to lock down a whole city. A tremendous expenditure of manpower and money which they’d have to blow every time the Rich Political “leaders” poke their nasty little snouts out of their hidey-holes.
Were they politically secure enough to go ahead with a sudden cessation of political appearances, both literally as in politicians appearing in public, and the somewhat figurative “keeping up the appearance of actually having Human Political Ties between Government and Governed”?

Looks like we’re about to find out.
My humble guess is “no”.

December 30, 2008 national anti- State Terrorism protests

Yesterday we only managed to get out about 25 of us here in Colorado Springs to protest US-Israeli State Terrorism, but around the country there were many more who demonstrated with us. Here next are a few videos of the action in San Francisco where somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 spontaneously took to marching through downtown in that city, after early completing a rally in protest at the Israeli consulate.

Reports have it that Jewish protesters were more numerous against the Israeli government violence than for it, but the local San Francisco news didn’t give that information out. Many of the marchers were Jewish Americans and sick of what the bloodshed being spilled by the so-called ‘Jewish State’ of Israel and the active complicity of our own US government. Below are the links to some videos coverage of these marches…

SF Demonstration- video shot by participant
local SF TV coverage (CBS and ABC)
Philadelphia rally and march

Iraq speaks up: Get Out, Occupiers!

baghdadHow many times have I heard the words from Democratic Party type liberal smurfs, saying that demonstrations supposedly accomplish nothing? Yet how to explain that the Iraqis seem to think otherwise and just held a huge demonstration in Baghdad under conditions that Americans cannot even begin to imagine having for themselves? Iraqis stage mass anti-US rally.

Unlike do-nothing Americans, Iraqis seem to see value in holding mass demonstrations to show the world how they feel about US troops continuing to promote slaughter in their country. And they are right to do so. These demonstrations, in their case, are part of supporting armed struggle to resist the imperialist invaders. Holding mass demonstrations in our country, too, would work toward the goal of regaining national sovereignty away from others.