Egypt revolution is victory 4 Democracy but credit for Tahrir goes to Anarchism

For a few interminable minutes there, okay– days –and bloody, millions of Egyptians had taken to the streets rejecting the legitimacy of Egypt’s authoritarian regime. The despotic Mubarak refused to budge and experts deemed the outcome a “stalemate.” Really? A preponderance of citizens greater than most voter turnouts, versus an unmovable leader, and commentators want to call it a draw? Worse is overlooking the obvious about the leaderless opposition forces. Jan25 came together to demand freedom, which the West equates with Democracy. But the Egyptian activists accomplished it through Anarchism. The West fears the Muslim Brotherhood, but the real banned party is the anti-globalist youth movement whose name must not be spoken. When President Obama pretends the US will shepherd Egypt through its “transition” he is sidestepping the real epiphany of Tahrir Square, a people united by idealism, minus a government. “Anti-government” protesters, precisely.

1 thought on “Egypt revolution is victory 4 Democracy but credit for Tahrir goes to Anarchism

  1. I have been an Anarchist for over 40 years. I may agree that leaderless Anarchist-style tactics were used in building the Egyptian protests, I am not so sure that Anarchist organizations were essential to the effort. I would like to hear more about this, a deeper more thoroughgoing analysis, and more about the role that Anarchists played.

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