Meredith Kercher not white enough to extricate from Italian justice imbruglio

Or was it because she was British and not American? In WHERE-DA-WHITE-WOMEN-AT NEWS, American white fixation Amanda Knox and cohort have been set free in Italy, leaving authorities to wonder who else could have scrubbed the murder scene with bleach, contrived it to look like a break in, while the pair were home, among the many incriminating clues. Have you noticed that when affluent white people are accused, the investigation is always “botched,” police are always biased, and victims turn out to be of ill repute? For accused black men like Troy Davis on the other hand, it’s the chair. The arrest of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak and his wife suggest you can also keep a physician on hand to divert jail time to the nearest hospital.

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1 Response to Meredith Kercher not white enough to extricate from Italian justice imbruglio

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, they had an entertainment gossip show on right after the “news” on NBC this evening. Amanda Knox was canonized once more but with a twist. She had a cell mate, was required to spend most of her time in the cell, and was only allowed a very limited supply of Compact Disc Mus… WTF?

    And a guard tried to sweet talk her into confessing. The distaff part of the CelebGossip pair sternly tsk-tsk’ed and reminded people of the danger of being Locked Up Abroa…WTF AGAIN?

    Oh, and hardly anybody in the Italian jail spoke English.

    So, when do they expose American jails for what they are? Maybe Gitmo or any of the OTHER Pentagon-run torture chambers?
    Where do they get this jingoistic bullshit?

    This of course from the same LameStream medi-Duh who have been saying for the past couple of decades that European jails were too civilized and what was needed was the Really Brutal Treatment afforded in American jails.

    Today’s headline in the Gagzette was a “convicted terrorist” at the SuperMax got to have a hearing because he was being held incommunicado. The reason for that was probably because the pigs beat and tasered him, while he was handcuffed and helpless of course because That’s The Only Way They Know How To Fight

    But of course abuses of American prisoners in America don’t make the news.

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