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Someone should tell Obama that Troy Davis was a white banker. He’ll freak.

On the day after the state murder of Troy Davis, you’ve got to feel sorry for the Obamapologists who must have a lot more in a knot than their panties. How do you explain why President Obama couldn’t intercede to save the life of accused off-duty-cop-killer Troy Davis? Because it would have been unseemly for a black president, the first, to intervene in the sanctioned lynching of another black man, whose number is lost among the countless. It would have been a formidable first, but Obama took the highroad, out of Dodge. Was it a matter of not stepping on states’ rights? Because preventing an injustice would not have been worth it? To save a human life?

PIC: Hey Georgia, say cheese!

GODDAMN RACIST CRACKERS. By which I mean bloodthirsty Georgian officials, the US Supreme Court and the POTUS himself. Last week a Texas audience cheered their own state’s record number of executions, on TV, the halfwitted bigots. Lynch mobs used to pose for picture postcards which they purchased and sent to relatives. A sampling of notes on the backside: “Well John — This is a token of a great day … I saw this on my lunch hour. I was very much in the bunch. You can see the negro hanging on a telephone pole.” and “This is the barbecue we had last night. My picture is to the left with a cross over it. Love, your son Joe.”

Will state of Georgia murder Troy Davis tomorrow in your name racist America?

The state of Georgia is about to murder the likely innocent Troy Davis in somebody’s name. By now you’ve probably been alerted that Davis is scheduled to be executed for the 1989 shooting of a Savannah policeman, despite witnesses having now recanted and another having implicated himself. Supporters are rallying to ask for clemency for Davis, arguing there is insufficient evidence to uphold the death sentence. So far Georgia’s obstinate. A stay of execution has just been denied. Any link to the state’s lion’s share of the nation’s black population behind bars? Or being second only to Mississippi in number of racial lynchings? Since 1882: 492 versus 539, out of total 3,446.