Obama discards consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren, picks bank favorite

Who can be surprised really that President Obama will take no measure against the rule of the bankers, not even the appointment of public favorite Elizabeth Warren to head the consumer agency for whose creation she lobbied to address increasingly usurious creditors?

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3 Responses to Obama discards consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren, picks bank favorite

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    My Vision for 2012: Bachman’s campaign reads this post and uses this to win the election. Into her Presidency Eric quickly regrets what he posted but it is too late because Mayor Steve Bach decides to shut off the electricity in Colorado Springs. Bachman invades Israel, while she assists Mayor Steve bach of Colorado Springs to pass an ordinance against protesting against any Military action in Colorado Springs. Both Mayor Steve Bach and President Bachman offer Eric a Gold Medal for his posts against Obama because it helps the Rethuglicans to assume power once again. Wow, Keep up the good work Eric.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Ed, I’m going to vote for YOU in 2012. You have as much chance as Bachmann.

    Meanwhile I hope you and the unions and other progressive groups can pick a candidate who’ll represent what you need, not what Obama’s offering.

  3. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    First Of All, I cannot tell you what to post and what not to post. What I can say is this, You Bash the Unions you are bashing me, How Dare you!
    Tony Pulled that shit with me. I can say from Personal Experience that if it weren’t for the Union I would be up the creek without a paddle, and I am sure there are several Union Members who could testify to that. I can’t go into any details but again i will say there are numerous Union Members who will repeat the same phrase, you bash the union, you bash me.

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