PIC: Hey Georgia, say cheese!

GODDAMN RACIST CRACKERS. By which I mean bloodthirsty Georgian officials, the US Supreme Court and the POTUS himself. Last week a Texas audience cheered their own state’s record number of executions, on TV, the halfwitted bigots. Lynch mobs used to pose for picture postcards which they purchased and sent to relatives. A sampling of notes on the backside: “Well John — This is a token of a great day … I saw this on my lunch hour. I was very much in the bunch. You can see the negro hanging on a telephone pole.” and “This is the barbecue we had last night. My picture is to the left with a cross over it. Love, your son Joe.”

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6 Responses to PIC: Hey Georgia, say cheese!

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Because they’ve got special vision which enables them to see the invisible disclaimer to “Thou shalt not kill”, “…unless you damn well feel like it.”

    Did you notice they’re largely the same ones who scream loudest about other countries like Iran imprisoning or threatening to execute American spies and assassins?

  2. I love it. If you are convicted of a capitol offense, and your State has the death penalty, they should be put to death. Isnt our Country wonderful? While you waste away the days lamenting at how absolutely awful it is for states to put murderers, baby killers and the like to death for a heinous killing, try to think of how you would feel if the one killed was your mother, father or child. Im thinking that the 4 people that visit this site, probably the same that visit Maddox’s site, dont consider things like that. Get a grip Hippies.

  3. As an aside, I also believe that drug dealers, burglars, car thieves, bank robbers, hippies, granola eaters, tree huggers, jay walkers and tax evaders should face the death penalty as well. This plan would drastically cut down on the waste of humanity in America.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Tax evaders? Like Richard Cheney, George Bush, Sarah Palin?
    Sure are in a hateful anti-American mood today ain’t you, boy?
    You know, when you go to shooting at folks they’ll likely be shooting back at you.

    Just, you know, sayin’ is all.

    Say, speaking of killing murderers, since Capitalism is based on, and continued by, MURDER, does that mean a rabid ass capitalist like yourself should by default have to execute himself?

    Gets a little complicated once you start thinking about it, which is why your average Fox News watching FumbDuck wouldn’t want to do a whole lot of thinking.

    If I recall correctly, you were one of those who pissed and moaned and whined and sniveled when people started calling out Sarah Palin for ordering the hit on the Congresswoman, the Federal Judge, a 9 year old girl and several others. Maybe I’m mistaken, all y’all Nazis and Fascists write the same stupid trash.
    so it would be familiar no matter which one of your interchangeable troll-parts actually wrote it.

    Too bad, you know. I mean, if you had focused on staying human you could have maybe done some good in the world instead of breathing all kinds of extremist terrorist talk.

    You still could, really,

    I actually do believe in salvation and redemption (thery’re not interchangeable although many Christians think they are) so maybe theire’s a chance you’ll pull out of your death spiral.

    I’m glad, still, that you’ve chosen to spew hate speech here, gives us an easy reference for when people ask what exactly we’re opposing.

    Something about your advocacy of “killing all Americans who don’t think like American Fartriot” just has a ring to it that validates everything we say about the DumFox people.

    Yo Momma must have been so very proud.

  5. Eric Eric says:

    To the oft-posed question: Would you be against the death penalty if it was your mother, father or child who was murdered?

    The best reply I’ve heard is: What if it was YOUR mother, father or child who was the murderer?

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Exceptionalism is what it’s called when a government or a nation considers its own sins to trivial compared to everybody elses, therefore they have free license from God to continue them. Especially Wars, of course. Killing prisoners even with no actual proof of guilt is another.

    When an individual believes himself so far above everybody else that his “petty” sins are meaningless it’s called conceit and narcissism. If an individual acts on those beliefs with violence it’s called assault and possibly murder.

    AmPat called for the deaths of Americans who don’t Hate as vigorously and constantly as he does. Even in another comment on The Flag Colors of the Middle East used the term Commie Lover. So, what, AmPat, are we supposed to ask your permission to love anybody? Or even refrain from hating.

    Which is what went down in Oslo. Anders Breivik decided that Christians in Norway didn’t hate Muslims as much as he wanted them to, so he murdered mostly Christian people to show them all how great his love for Christianity was. Called their lack of hatred “treason”.

    Which the Right Wing have often accused us of being and committing. Disagree with George Bush? TREASON!
    Don’t believe the Hate-filled spews of FOX? TREASON!

    Practice or advocate an economic system other than Predatory Capitalism? TREASON!

    Treason is also a death penalty offense. Since Mr AmPat doesn’t have any problem with the MORAL aspects of killing people for what he, and he alone, is entitled to decide are Capital Offenses, then the only thing holding him back from actually going all Breivik or von Brunn or Laughner or Shawna Forde on a group of undoubtedly unarmed American liberals, tree huggers, hippies, commie-lovers etc….

    Would be his own personal physical courage or lack thereof.
    Which was the reason Breivik claimed for his attacks in Norway, people not actually going out and attacking Muslims or not attacking Christians who don’t attack Muslims were “Traitors” and he by golly was going to show them how it’s done.

    Prove that Islam is a religion of Hate and CHristianity one of Love by killing a bunch of Christians. and a few Muslims.

    Simply wonderful.

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