The Wall Street protest needs PIZZA!

The #OCCUPYWALLSTREET protesters are pulling their second overnight, anticipating a showdown when traders and bankster return to the financial district on Monday, and especially as international delegates arrive for the UN General Assembly. So you’re not there, what can you do? Remember in the thick of the Madison confab, when pizzas arrived courtesy of Egyptians in Tahrir Square? Do that! USDOR Tweets are favoring Liberato’s Pizza, who’ve restocked for fresh orders, but the more eateries who receive calls, the broader will be the demonstration’s support. Here’s a list of nearby pizzerias, but chose whatever food YOU would like, and don’t look for solidarity from corporate chains.

Liberato’s Pizza (via Seamless)
17 Cedar Street, New York – 212.344.3464

Adrienne’s Pizzabar
54 Stone Street New York – 212.248.3838

Underground Pizzeria
3 Hanover Square, New York  – 212.425.4442

Caruso’s Pizza & Pasta
140 Fulton Street, New York – 212.267.2927

Masterpiece Pizzeria
2 Rector Street, New York – 212.349.4500

Harry’s Italian Pizza Bar
2 Gold Street, New York – 212.747.0797

Cucina Bene Pizza
41 Exchange Place, New York – 212.635.0345

Cordato’s New York
94 1/2 Greenwich St, New York – 212.233.1573

Majestic Pizza
8 Cortlandt Street, New York  – 212.349.4046

Rosella Pizzeria
164 William Street, New York  – 212.619.826

59 Maiden Lane, New York – 212.742.2436 

Big Al’s Chicago Style Pizza
9 Thames Street, New York – 212.964.3269 

Grotto Pizzeria & Restaurant
69 New Street, New York – 212.809.6990

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5 Responses to The Wall Street protest needs PIZZA!

  1. So, all 50 people that showed up cant even foot the bill for their own food? I have a thought, get a job. Filthy hippies.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Say, “patriot”, your chosen username links to a site called foxnation. Is that an attempt to legitimize your rants by saying that you represent the views of FOX networks or merely those of the majority of the FumDucks who watch FOX?
    Because the OFFICIAL viewpoint of DumFox Noose Nutwerx is that they stand for liberty. As opposed to Imperialism as you described in the Kurdish Flag thread?
    And I would once again make the notation that the Kurdish Flag thread has a lot of comments attached to it, most of the respondents being in the affected nations including and especially Kurdistan. Thus, to read the blatantly Imperialist comments you made they should hit the “tab” key and scroll up a bit.
    So, was your anger against anybody who dares blaspheme against your god Capital? The one whose graven image you worship and call “The Almighty”..
    Since that, also, would be against what DumFox says is their official policy. Of course, they also say they have no agenda and promote no political party. So far that means they have a perfect record of Simply Not Telling The Truth.
    If you really are a representative of Fox then they would fire you for calling them the liars that they truly are.

    But, truly, good sir, you have exposed their madness and their lies for exactly what they are. For which I once again thank you. Even if you didn’t do it intentionally.

  3. Look, all I typed, on this site full of commie loving hippie B.S. was that if youre going to hold a protest in a Country that allows you actually hold a protest, buy your own food. Stop being sponges. Its pathetic.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Hey, if you want to buy that “Peace-ahhhh!” tee shirt I’ve got them on sale on Cafe Press.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got to run to the store for a very charming lady who happens to be a VietNam war widow, her husband was killed by Agent Orange. But she’s one of the Americans you keep advocating murdering because she doesn’t agree with you. Especially the part about, you know, killing Americans for not being right wing freaks.

    Just, you know, sayin’ is all.
    Your angry words make it seem like you have extreme hypertension by the way. If you have a stroke, just maybe you should hope and pray that the publicly funded SOCIALIST 9-1-1 emergency system in your town hasn’t been financially hamstrung by TeaParty policies.

  5. Avatar Bob Rehor says:

    Stop being sponges? Don’t use public libraries? Close the schools and never pass the ball? Never consider another person. Don’t sponge, be deadweight. Buy real estate, plan a big lonely grave. I don’t think so.

    Empathy camaraderie and takeout food are far from being communistic. This site is filled with people, citizens, and mostly words. Until you understand the difference between writing and labeling, I suggest reading 13 Spam cans and seeing which one tastes like a “communist”.

    Now if Armpit, (oh my bad eyes, forgive the typos), had said “commute-ist” I’m sure a few of us would relate with that Uncle Sam. Smog in fast lane. Share the ride.

    The bull is bare. Oh the pathos, indeed.

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