Birds of a feather laugh at doggy sex jokes together

I saw this thread under a video posted to Facebook making light of a joke made on NMT by Ed Billings, at Tony’s expense.
Joel Aigner, Mike Jay, Jim Cross, Michael Clifton, Ed Billings, Nancy Wolffe
LOVE IT. There are the names in one webshot, IN LEAGUE, laughing as one of them offers to contract for a dog-napping. Freedom of Speech doesn’t protect making threats and menacing, you dopes. Further along Clifton suggests that the dog sex jokes are surrogates for the politically incorrect laughs they’d rather be having, at thinking about Tony and me being GAY.
Do you suppose any of these comedians think we could give a fig about what they’re saying? They’re irrelevant do-nothings. And while my advice to anyone is assert yourself and get involved, I’m thinking a worthy cause would be ill served by these intellects.

7 thoughts on “Birds of a feather laugh at doggy sex jokes together

  1. If Tony is screwing his dog he does not deserve to have it. It needs to find a good home that does not believe in bestiality. He is a sick dude.

  2. 1) In that thread I’m not suggesting that the jokes are surrogates for another joke, rather a more serious matter.
    2) In my comment (not pictured) I state that that other topic is less politically correct to talk about. It would be perfectly fine with me if any two consenting adults were in love, and I don’t find that hard to talk about.
    3) I am not alluding that Tony and Eric have been or will in the future be in love together. Tony is obviously out of Eric’s league LOLZ.

  3. 1. a fate “more serious” than gaydom?

    2. you consider dog sex to be politically correct?

    3. Michael your idiocy is priceless!

  4. Why waste paper and ink, or in the case of a web site, electricity, on responding to such puerilities?

  5. I’m still curious as to why nobody from your version of “Occupy” stuck around to address the surveillance cameras and the sign ordinance.

    Seemed as if the priority was to tattle tale and try to ask the cops to keep the big kids from picking on you.

    Came off as pretty petty and self serving.

  6. Actually, I didn’t have the stomach to stay around to listen to Raven talk it up in her opposition to Acacia Park surveillance cameras since she was the most likely person behind a recent vandalism of NMT’s office a half block away from Acacia Park.

    She also is a person who FIRST denounced Eric for him decrying another’s act of arson, and then who then turned completely around to make herself a part of the group of Right Wing witch hunters accusing Eric falsely of being a supposed ‘bomb making’ advocate!

    So talk to us about inconsistencies and who is inconsistent? It’s simply hard to work alongside people who demand ‘respect’ for themselves while committing multiple acts of petty vandalism against us, also while advocating that people be menaced and threatened with the loss of their rental units and jobs, and telling others that you have sex with one’s own pet dog. Didn’t really want to be alongside this sort of SICKO behavior, MJ Lover.

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