Ron Paul is a hopey change bubble for white people, this time let’s burst it

RPtard – An American voter who’s peeing himself silly at the prospect of Ron Paul snatching the democracy movement for the Fascists, but who shortly will be rolled into the Republican Party like every other Teabag Libertarian antisocial supremacist before him.

27 thoughts on “Ron Paul is a hopey change bubble for white people, this time let’s burst it

  1. Not personally a Ron Paul supporter, but I know several that ARE and they aren’t all white. Why make it about race? Come out of the Dark Ages and realize politics is not about race.

  2. Like what other libertarians, Eric? and antisocial? what on earth are you talking about? Is cognitive dissonance such a terrible prospect for you that you have conflated all of the human experience to the limits of your specific worldview? Normative judgement is no substitute for positivist judgement

  3. I see that none of you turkeys addressed the hard reality that Ron Paul is part of the Republican Party’s herd of Love American Capitalism dope heads. Why is that?

  4. Oh oh oh@#@#$$$$ How the poor White people’s do suffer from such vicious racism. Thanks for protecting these persecuted people, Moron.

  5. Funny Eric. The majority of Ron Paul supporters you know who no longer support what you do are actually not white.

    Hossein Forouzandeh is Persian. (Not an Arab, and yes there is a difference.)
    Kristie Wheeler is a Cherokee.
    Michael Clifton is an ethnic Jew.
    Joel Aigner and Chris Nixon are both Latinos.

    The one we all see surrounding himself with 100% white people is YOU, Eric, but I suppose it’s easier to do when there is not that many of you anymore.

    Is it possible that you are just mad that you screwed the pooch on the “end the fed” bridge you had with them, and now that they are gone you are butthurt and lonely?

  6. You dear blogger are the racist. We are part of a restore our freedom movement that started 4 years ago. We started the End the Fed movement, we brought YOUR attention to wallstreet. You are a rude Johnny come lately, who is either a fake activist CIA plant, or, you are ignorant. I say that because that’s the case with ALL non Ron Paul supporters. Either way, no one should listen to you.

  7. Good Lord this is nuts!? Fascists? Antisocial supremasists? And, what is a ‘love American capitalism dope head’?

    All of this name calling is completely juvenile, what’s the point? What do you want from life?

    You live in the United States, you are blessed! Are you ever simply grateful for all that you have? You seriously think being so angry, calling people names and hanging out in the park is going to accomplish anything?

    Maybe you should focus your energy on being kind to people and finding ways to actually and literally help people that are truly in need. It’s much more fulfilling.

  8. By the way, Ron Paul is AWESOME!!! Anyone who says otherwise either hates liberty or is just ignorant…

  9. Btw, anyone who thinks we have Capitalism in America is the moron. We have corporatism, interventionism, or fascism. We haven’t had capitalism since at least 1913. You can’t Fix the problem if you don’t know what the problem is. Ignorance is killing the country. I’m pretty sure occupy is now run by the communists and CIA. Just like the Tea Party got taken over by big Oil and the CIA. Looks like the divide and conquer play all over again. We need to be united and fight for all our freedoms. We are fighting to defend your freedom too. Even if we don’t like what you do with it.

  10. Thank you Mayah for dropping the only bomb that a libertarian likes to drop, an accurate historical perespective bomb

  11. Probably Mayah meant to say corporatism, interventionism AND fascism, but they’re all mechanisms of… Capitalism. Which is the pervasive economic system all over the globe. 1913 only reinforced a banking monopoly over Capitalism’s inherently antisocial objectives. Corporatism is an invented word like collegism or universitism, where you learn to differentiate between economic systems and political semantics.

  12. This is one of the most ignorant blogs O have ever read. Why don’t you all have coffee, a beer, or dinner with Ron Paul or his supporters and just talk. You BS is so bad it holds no water other than you are making yourself look foolish to be remembered forever. It’s one thing to bash established corporate sell outs, but to attempt to lump Ron Paul in your verbal hate diareah is just laughable. I hope you all take a second look and start making friends in the revolution. This is about Comunity and Liberty for all.

  13. Does anybody yet sell a morph picture of 1/2 Ron Paul mixed together with 1/2 Abraham Lincoln for these Right Wing Libertarian clowns? They are even crazier than those ‘I Love Obama’ lost souls of 4 years before IMO. Those milquetoast liberal lites loved that Obama morphed into Lincoln poster they all had, and I think it would be the perfect sort of poster for the Ron Paul Libertarian Wing Nuts, too, since Ron Paul is actually a Republican Party creep whereas Obama at least was not.

    What in the world ever made all you Republican Libertarians think that the Occupy Movement might ever be some sort of vehicle for your abhorrent ideology I do not know? Your collective belief that the current day US is not the center of world capitalism is so damn bizarro! Get a brain!

  14. Eric, you are wrong sir. Corporatism is not an invented term

    Long story short saying interventionism, fascism, and corporatism are mechanisms of capitalism is rather funny. Corporatism is business lying in bed with government–a practice which makes the business less competitive and and the product or service it offers weaker and more vulnerable in the long run. Interventionism is an old trapping of Colonialism–which relies heavily on the old economic system of mercantilism (which leads to rampant nationalism and world wars). In fact, capitalism globally is hurt by the advent of wars in the long run (the short run war profiteering being the only beneficiary). I can’t speak about 1913 and the Fed Reserve because I am not educated on the matter enough to argue honestly. But anyway, I must finish by asking how capitalism has anti-social objectives?
    As for you Tony, I don’t know any libertarian who thinks the US isn’t the closest center of capitalism that one could point out. However, to say America is purely capitalist is untrue (as much as I wish it was). Subsidies, tarrifs, unions, monopolies, outsourcings, insider trading, corporate favoritisms, and foreign wars all separate us from being a perfectly competitive (and thus actually capitalist) nation.

  15. James, this positing of a fictional and imaginary capitalism supposedly battling it out against capitalism as it actually exists in the US and ALL elsewhere is the mark of any fascist ideologist, PLUS it is also at the center of the marketing of the Libertarian Movement centered around Ron Paul.


    NO, that^ is fascism. Capitalism is pure, non violent competition–I’m not positing anything other than the actual definition of capitalism. You however, are subjecting the term to the incorrect associations made with the term. Essential-ism and name calling are not methods of a legitimate argument. So please desist with that, and give me proof of your claims

  17. No it is not, James. Capitalists are the very best at forming associations (monopolies) to not have to compete, and for you to not understand that is pretty sad.

    ‘Capitalism is pure, non violent competition’

  18. These are the reasons that I will not vote for Ron Paul. H.R.3863, H.R.5909, H.J.RES.46, H.J.RES.42, H.R.2597, H.R.392, H.R.2030, H.R.4604, H.R.736, H.R.2720, H.R.0548 Summary, H.R.2504,H.R.7079, H.R.7245, H.R.2415, H.R.393, H.R.4639, H.R. H.R.3891, H.AMDT.191, H.AMDT.190, H.R.3769, H.R.1665, H.CON.RES.23, H.R.1154,
    H.R.7955, H.R.2424, H.R.1897, H.R.1096,H.R.407, H.R.1147, and H.R.3892. Please take the time to thoroughly review the records of the people running for office as I do, so you know where they really stand. Ron Paul has good rhetoric and he opposes the war but he’s not good with human rights. He is like every other Republican.

  19. Hey, PC Mulkey I looked at several of those–they are all libertarian consistent. can you point to me the one’s that you refer to with human rights?

  20. Hey James/Joel, what is it you troll-mites have with obscuring your identity? It’s weird and sort of undercuts your credibility.

  21. Joel, you of all people know what I meant by the Obama bubble. NMT was very critical of Candidate Obama, but we stopped short of telling people they were fools to hope he would deliver for them. Who could do it, they were soooo hopeful! You were among them it turns out.

    This time, why encourage the same kind of false hope? Ron Paul is as much of a corporate party scam as Obama. Let’s behave like we’ve learned something and push people toward result-based activism, not more electioneering fraud.

  22. Seriously, James!? You READ them? So then you are saying that these are Libertarian views. I don’t believe you are telling the truth.

  23. First Eric, my name is not James (but I know nothing of this Joel character) indeed. I use this pseudonym for many a reason, but if you feel it is to ‘troll’ I have to take issue. Besides, “trolling” as I understand it in no way supports constructive and educational dialogue–instead it breeds a form of injurious and counter intuitive rebuking. I simply mean to enrich my political view and dialogue by engaging in debate (hopefully healthy) with people like yourself who do not share my views. In this process there is also the desire to identify the concurrent themes of concerns from either viewpoint (as they might help in any of our unitary efforts). Also, I have found on this particular site I have had people track my IP address down–so I hope you can forgive this pseudonym.

    Eric, no I was in fact not for Obama when he ran for office. I was for neither political camp, as I was not yet concerned with politics. I can hardly see how Ron Paul’s candidacy is a corporate scam (considering corporate backed efforts to marginalize and de-legitimize him). Perhaps you could provide me with first hand evidence/sources for such a claim?

    And yes PCMulkey I read several of them (as in 3 or 4). But I’ll ask again, which particular piece of the legislation did you find at issue with Ron Paul’s platform? Please, for the sake of argument just point the particular one(s) out to me.

  24. I hardly see, James, how Ron Paul is anything other than corporate. He is a Republican, you know.? You do know that, right? Ron Paul is Mr. Corporate Guy. You support that, right? Because if not, then you’re being a sheeple grazing behind Ron Paul.

    I have hardly seen that corporate scam of a party, the Republicans, bought and paid for by corporate dollars ask that he be removed from their party’s ranks? So in what way has he been marginalized and de-legitimized by the Republican Party in any way? He hasn’t, now has he, James?

    This Republican Party politician twit Ron Paul is in fact utterly integral to the Republicans having some sort of intellectual front, which they lack big time. He’s the Professor Brain of the Republican Party almost! No way, in fact, that the Republican Party sees him as outside and separate from the rest of themselves. To imply that he is seen that way by the Republican Party, as you do James, is simply an idiotic delusion of yours and the other naive followers the REPUBLICAN guy has. Wake up, Sheeple!

    (James says)- ‘I can hardly see how Ron Paul’s candidacy is a corporate scam (considering corporate backed efforts to marginalize and de-legitimize him)’

  25. Never before have I seen a blogger(s) bicker with his/their subscribers so venomously.

  26. Perhaps, Joe, it is this way because some of these ‘bloggers’ have had it so in for us, that they have tried to do us a lot of personal harm? YES, that could account for the animosity, don’t you think?

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