America doesn’t remember 9/11

Despite jingo media browbeating, Americans don’t remember 9/11. Or not how they’re supposed to. On the eleventh anniversary of the mystery of September 11, 2001, the political candidates mired in Election 2012 have decided not to commemorate Nine Eleven, because wouldn’t that be a wild card? Americans remember 9/11, but differently -and there’s the problem for politicos who adjust their pandering according to how it will be received by the electorate. You only want to Remember the Alamo or the Maine or Pearl Harbor if the public remembers the jingoist version of events, not what really happened come-to-light. In which case you don’t want a public remembering at all.

1 thought on “America doesn’t remember 9/11

  1. A young woman on the train today (and I knew it was Sept. 11 because of the military-dressed and armed sheriffs posted at the station) was talking about 9-11 conspiracy theories that she had heard about. To question the official story seems to be more and more common sense.

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