Freudian Ground Zero

Hiroshima Japan
Hiroshima Japan, Aug 6, 1945. Ground Zero.

This is Ground Zero. Five square miles. 70,000 killed. Japanese men, women and children.

Ground Zero is an Operation Research term. Distances to destination can be discussed in relative terms without divulging -or deciding- the actual destination.

Similarly, the D-day Normandy landing was Day 0. Days preparatory to D-day were called D -x. Events to occur subsequent the landing were scheduled for D +x. This way plans could be made relative to a fixed point, which might have to change with the weather.

Actually, ground zero has designated the impact point of every atomic bomb blast from Hiroshima to Bikini Atoll. Distance from Ground Zero was a key vector in measuring an explosion’s effect. Earthquakes require a similar designation. In the 80’s I remember recriminations flying about our nation’s pitiful response to the AIDs epidemic, the original human carrier was called Patient Zero.

Where pray-tell do we get off calling the World Trade Center Ground Zero? What geometry requires a 9/11 “ground zero?” Is the WTC the epicenter of the media lies unleashed on September 11th, 2001? Is it because every news story and every government rationalization points back to “9/11” Ground Zero?

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4 Responses to Freudian Ground Zero

  1. Avatar W says:

    Holocaust means destruction by fire. Think anyone would be offended if we used Holocaust to describe 9/11?

  2. Or Hiroshima. Perhaps also Dresden. You remember Dresden?

    Probably not. One man who did died recently, you might remember his name at least, Kurt Vonnegut? An American. Who was a Prisoner of War.

    If he hadn’t been on work detail at a meat packing plant that day he would have been just another victim.

    The largest military installation in the whole area was a POW Camp, just filled chock full of ALLIED prisoners. Americans, yes, British, ’tis true, Mostly Russians though.

    Funny thing about it, the ashes weren’t even cooled before the Russian Army, you remember them right? The ones who took the most casualties, did the most damage to the Nazi machine, of all the Allies? Killed more Nazi soldiers than the Americans and British combined.

    But the Russians were right there while Mr Vonnegut was still wandering around in a daze. Along with what few other survivors there were.

    But the Russian POWs weren’t, no sir.

    They were incinerated. By their Allies. On the eve of being liberated by their own countrymen…

    Why do you suppose that is? Eisenhower and Churchill and DeGaulle were already talking about having to fight Russia next.

    Maybe all those fairly well fed and fairly well rested Soviet soldiers in the POW camp would have been an inconvenience to Churchill and Ike, if they had been allowed to rejoin the struggle against the Nazis?

    Of course, the British and American soldiers who were also barbecued there, why, they were just ever so proud to “take one for the team.”

    Never mind that the war in Europe was virtually over, they would have been liberated in a matter of days, and the whole episode of firebombing Dresden was a shocking mass murder.

    You know what the Official Air Force History of the raid was?

    It was to test the effectiveness of two factors; both of which had been used extensively in Japan already, one was the use of incendiary bombing as opposed to high explosives.

    The other was to further test the differences between White Phosphorous and Napalm as incendiary agents.

    Yes, isn’t it wonderful that the Air Force made the decision that the Americans, British and Russians in that POW camp should be some rather expensive laboratory rats in an experiment to confirm things the Air Force already knew…

  3. Avatar Smarter than you says:

    The author of this website is a narrow minded idiot for suggesting that Pres Bush did 9/11 for war and oil business profit. You are so consumed with conspiracy nonsense that you had become incoherent. Good riddance to you.

  4. Avatar Jonah says:

    Actually, George Bush has had 4,000 young American killed in a war to increase the profit margin of Exxon-Mobil, a corporate organization which had one of its top-gun lawyers, Ms Rice, appointed as Secretary of State. Currently she is in intense “negotiations” with the puppet leaders of the Occupied Iraqi version of the Quisling government of Norway and the Vichy government of France, to have a majority share of the largest oil fields in the Near East given outright to the Conquerors, but all in the name of “Freedom”.

    Given that demonstrated track record, I would assume, as no part of either Eric’s post nor my reply said, (you must be feverish, reading things that aren’t there, why don’t you take a nap, poor child, we’ll call a doctor for you if you’re not feeling better when you wake up) that George Bush profited from 9/11.

    Not directly, the way his Meat-Puppet “il Rudi” Giuliani did, but because it gave him the excuse he needed to abolish constitutional law.

    Many members of his Cabinet, including his former advisor Karl Rove, Ashcroft, the aforementioned Ms Rice, his Vice President, his own Brother Jeb…

    not only co-signed but PUBLISHED documents throughout the decade leading up to 9/11, that American oil companies needed the Near East oil fields to be under their control, in order to establish American Corporate domination over the entire earth.

    Also in those documents were repeated the comments that a Constitutional democracy would be counter to that goal.

    And that they would seize and occupy Iraq, permanently, and that the American People would be stupid enough to accept it because Saddam Hussein was so unpopular among Americans.

    and apparently there are just enough Americans who are stupid enough

    They went further, to suggest that there would be an equivalent of Pearl Harbor, which they would then tie to Saddam Hussein and American “liberals” and which they could use as an excuse to suspend the Constitution.

    Bad, wicked naughty Constitution, standing in the way of their corporate profits.

    Or, as George Bush said “stop throwing the Constitution in my face, it’s just a goddamned piece of paper”.

    And amazingly, almost immediately after the event, a very long and carefully prepared document called the USA Patriot Act was rammed through Congress under threat that if they didn’t sign it into law the Terrorists would strike again.
    A document which effectively annuls the Constitution.

    The same Constitution George Bush had sworn at least Twice to “uphold and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. I guess “all enemies” doesn’t for some reason mean a group of people who wrote earlier that they fully intended to destroy the Constitution, and had their spokes-person, the brother of one of the signatories, placed in power as President. And who calls the Constitution “just a goddamned piece of paper”

    Now, none of that was in the post to which you replied.

    But you did insist on tying your reply to the “conspiracy theory”, so you reap what you sow.

    Perhaps it appeared “incoherent” to you because you are taking drugs of some sort, that confuse your mind?

    Because, your chosen nickname implies that you are smarter than us.
    Therefore you must have taken some sort of intelligence lowering drugs to write a formulaic denial of anything and everything which contradicts the “Truth’ your lying, pathetic coward of a Dictator tells you…. as “conspiracy nonsense”

    Further evidence of your confused and dazed state of mind is that you believe you have somehow gotten rid of us.

    Oh and speaking of his Oil Business ties, as you did, you might notice that their Meat-Puppets in the Supreme Court are poised to clear Exxon Mobil, erstwhile employers of the current Secretary of State, and business partners with the Vice President of the United States, and soon to be beneficiaries of the most mind-bogglingly violent “hostile takeover” of the producers of their commodity in all of history,

    The Supreme Puppets are going to give them immunity from liability for an accident in Alaska, an accident they have not admitted nor PAID a single penny for.

    A company which reported “earnings” in the last quarterly report far outstripping not only any other United States oil company on record, but any United States company PERIOD.

    I’m going to assume you don’t have even the courage to revisit the site and post another fiction-based insult, so “good riddance” to you, Sir/Madame/Completely Other, whatever you are.

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