HRW says state-sanctioned torture is “crime against humanity” but not in US

They keep piling it on against Syria. Human Rights Watch declared that SYRIA’S state-sanctioned torture constitutes a “crime against humanity” but not when America does it. SYRIA’S “torture centers” stink, not ours. ITS chemical weapons stockpile is a threat, not ours. ITS pilots and military commanders are defecting, alas, not ours. The pre-game show for the War on Syria isn’t even a remake of the Iraq or Libya war of aggression, it’s a rerun. Syrian Curveballs are whispering about unspeakable tortures called “Basat al reeh”, “Dulab” and “Falaqa”, failing to mention they got them from the Guantanamo manuals. Not only is Human Rights Watch silent about American torture, it ignores explosion of crimes against humanity which have resulted from the Western intervention into Libya.

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1 Response to HRW says state-sanctioned torture is “crime against humanity” but not in US

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yes, I just love how Human Right Watch uses its reports to support US militarism against other sovereign nations. Right now al jazeera for example is flashing on its web site, an item that says that HRW says that there are 27 torture centers inside Syria. Just SYRIA here. Nothing about how many torture centers are there in Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain…. and DEFINITELY NOTHING about those US run clandestine torture centers.

    Syria’s Assad is no good guy at all. But turning up the propaganda for US run military propaganda’s interventionism against him followed by a desired military attack on Iran for regime change there, too, is SICKO, self declared ‘Human Rights Watch. One needs to take all this supposedly pro human rights, American society based jive with a large grain of salt. It’s just our society’s desire to dress itself all up as the supposed good guys.

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