The 4th Combat Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Battalion, 12th Regiment, Lethal Warriors, self-styled Berserkers

Neighbors of Ft Carson probably know that soldiers in the 12th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Division of the US Army 4th Ivy go by the team name of “LETHAL WARRIORS”. It may boost egos, but wouldn’t you think it limits their deployment options? You could hardly expect host populations to think “Lethal Warriors” would qualify as PEACEKEEPERS for example. Who welcomes lethal force to deliver humanitarian aid? Well never mind that, because it gets worse.

The 12th Regiment members are also proud that they’re considered “BERSERKERS”. And they know what that means. Do you? The 12th gets called in when command doesn’t want one raghead left standing. Get your rage on, light up a village and leave no survivors as a lesson to the villages nearby. You’ve got to “embrace the carnage” to be a berserker apparently. The term is self-explanatory, and so probably the soldiers don’t know berserker referred to the Norse warriors who threw themselves into a rage before laying waste their adversaries. Whether augmented by drink, drug or mental illness, the practice of deploying berserkers was OUTLAWED BY THE 10TH CENTURY. Do the soldiers of the 12th know their fighting anti-ethos has been a war crime for a full millennium?

5 thoughts on “The 4th Combat Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Battalion, 12th Regiment, Lethal Warriors, self-styled Berserkers

  1. Good job eric turn more soldiers away from occup…turn the entire post away from occupy….congrats eric congrats….oh ya by the way…because your so in tune to the military heres a little help for ya….”12th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Division of the US Army 4th Ivy” 4th Ivy is 4th infantry division…let me make it simple for a simple mind like your self…its like say idiot dumb…or in your case jackass and eric…it means the same thing…it is the same thing its one and the same…you say eric i say jackass…it is the same thing…

  2. oh ya the first occupy is say is missing a y…so there you go….is it simple enough for ya?…oh ya and all that shit about the 12th getting called in to leave not one rag head left is complete bullshit…you made it up to make me and my brothers and sisters look like human killing machines…when were not…we have never referred to our selfs as have dubbed that name on us….so no we have not been commiting a war crime…eric quit making shit up…why dont you ever say this shit to our face…were not gonna hurt you…were gonna laugh at you…this whole city is gonna laugh at you…but i gotta say im impressed…for notmytribe not being part of occupy…and you not being anti-troop…you fooled me…bc all i can see and all ive read about you says something else…like i dont know that you are…have you ever been effected by war?…nope…nice bmw by the way…did daddy buy that for you you 1%er..but Eric thank you for describing yourself as a berserker… you said augumented by mental illness…there has to be something wrong with you if your gonna go after people at there place of living…or say ocs aint against troops…but all it is is against troops…also we stood on your street corner by your work and told everyone what your stance on the military is and where you work…we stood at the park…go ahead tell people your office was broken into the 23rd or 24th of feb but you reported it like 2 days ago saying i did it…what total horse…dude your funny…but thanks you killed occupy with just a little push from me….thanks….


    Somewhere or other, Whittaker Chambers was quoted to the effect that J. Peters had told him that perhaps the greatest mistake the KPD made in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s was neglecting to organise within the Reichswehr, leaving the field to the NSDAP. Considering the rôle the soldiers and sailors played in the leftist German Revolution of 1918, this seems an incredible oversight.

    Similarly, Lou Bortz, an old time American Communist and VALB, once told me the the CPUSA made a great mistake, around 1951 or so, in writing off the AFL-CIO as “hopelessly reactionary” instead of trying to work within it.

    Finally, a journalist on the French Communist central organ L’Humanité told me, around the time Georges Marchais spoke out immigration problem, that the Party made a great mistake (“une grande faute”) in not opposing it from the start. —“Nous avons trahi les travailleurs avec notre lenteur, et donné la Droit son seul véritable enjeu.” (We betrayed the workers with our tardiness, and gave the Right its only real issue.)


  4. You’re right. They shouldn’t be called Lethal Warriors, or Berserkers. They should be called the Pink Pansies and Caring Beings. That way they won’t offend anyone, like the author of this ridiculous post. One mans’ hero is obviously another mans (excuse me, … pussies) punching bag.

  5. Why don’t we just call them Bush’s Thugs, or now perhaps… Obama’s Thugs, Nathan? Does that sound scary enough to you? Or perhaps, just Robotic Assholes of the Empire might be better still? Let us know which name you would go for.. or are you sticking with ‘Lethal Warriors’…lol…

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