What’s fueling Muslim riots? Success!

Are Muslim anti-Western demonstrations raging against a defamatory video of dubious provenance? More likely it’s decades of war and drone-strikes. But after years of insurgency, IEDs, and suicide bombers, it takes storming a consulate to finally bag a high ranking US official. How should long-suffering victims of empire hold back from celebrating in the streets, hoping for another success?

2 thoughts on “What’s fueling Muslim riots? Success!

  1. It is the God given right of West to kill by bombing or shooting. It is the ‘right thing’ to do. But when Muslims retaliate likewise their actions are described as terrorism. If the United Kingdom’s princess breasts are exposed in a magazine the magazine is going to be sued for being offensive – it is unacceptable but when a film or its trailer is made against Muslim sentiments they are expected to remain indifferent, because that is the ‘sensible’ thing to do. An advertisement showing a pregnant nun is considered offensive. The US has imposed sanctions on Iran for more than 20 years, later on Iraq. Then on Pakistan and India. Invaded Afghanistan and Iraq later Libya and is trying to overthrow the Syrian regime. Who or what justifies these self-righteous acts?

  2. Anybody for burning any Bibles out at the Fort Carson plant gate? It would start a Christian ‘jihadist’ riot if we all did!

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