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Well, now we know… Shades of the Kurdish Shepherd

The speculation about why we weren’t getting an Hourly Victory Report Update from the Helmand Province Massacre had a large spectre nobody was willing to say… that they were massacring civilians.
Billy McMethamphetamine, Commander on the ground there, acknowledged 12 civilians killed by the “smart bombs” fired against the “insurgents”. Since the “insurgents” are people who actually LIVE there, wouldn’t that make the Imperial Storm Trooper Invaders the REAL “insurgents”? They even use the base word of Insurgent, “surge” as part of the title they give their strategy.

Who is going to tell Obama no more war?

President Barack ObamaI miss the old days of 2008 when we’d get word that Candidate Obama was visiting Colorado and we’d head up to put our antiwar message under his nose. These days he visits Denver to sign the new Stimulus Bill –why Denver, is the Denver Mint doing the honors printing the money?– and we sit flat-footed in front of our TV. On the same day the UN reported that civilian casualties in Afghanistan are up 40% over last year. On the day the Pentagon has announced a “remissioning” of 8,000 additional US Marines, and 4,000 US Army men to Afghanistan, as part of Obama’s surge. And we can’t say Obama hadn’t made his Afghan warmongering intentions clear.

What’s the matter? The term redeployment didn’t cut it? “Remissioning?”

The Surge morphs into The Purge

The US is now attacking the allies of Iran within the Iraqi Shia community, and this new battle in the US War to Re-Colonize the Middle East is now underway. It is an effort by the US to clean up behind the lines before it begins its bombardment of Iran.

All the candidates for the presidency have signed on to this new campaign by merely keeping their silence, as both the corporate political parties have done exactly the same thing. And the antiwar and Peace community seems totally befuddled by it all, while the mass media keeps it silent and news and clues-less as long as possible for the general public.

Yes, The Surge has morphed into The Purge, and nobody seems to have much taken notice. In fact, it looks like we’ll all have yet more nap time until the direct bombardment of Tehran begins. What, us worry? Not a chance!

Bush calls The Purge, a positive moment. Increase in death and fighting always seems to turn Dubya and Dick on. There is almost something Hitler-like in their attitude toward other peoples dying. No sacrifice on other peoples’ parts is too much for them, it seems. America must control the region… America must control the declining world oil supplies.

Pushing PAUSE button while on SURGE

They share three letters. SURGE. PAUSE. First our military wanted a surge, now they want a pause at the height of the surge, making the temporary amplification something more like an escalation. In fact, it’s forecast that US troop levels in Iraq will actually rise by the summer, as we head into the election. Probably for “the surge is working” refrain. So our surge has surged. This surge shares no similar properties to its namesake in electronics. Just as pause bears no similarity with the button on the TV remote. Hitting pause on a controller would halt the fast-forward mode. This pause actually locks us into the higher setting. General Sonofabitch is asking us for a LOCK on the troop gains he’d secured, from which he’ll be able to call a next surge.