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What’s kosher for the goose should be halal for the gander

If Israel can threaten to attack Iran, without drawing the unanimous rebuke of the international community, then it follows Iran cannot be criticized for warning of its imperative to make a preemptive strike. Except that both would be illegal, the United States being the reigning serial aggressor at large. Or maybe you’re of the opinion that Israel can have 200 nuclear weapons and Iran can’t have one, or that if US and Israeli agents detonate bombs in Iran it’s not terrorism.

2 thoughts on “What’s kosher for the goose should be halal for the gander

  1. Ever since Ahmadinejad was elected President of Iran, his country’s officers have been threatening Israel day and night. They have financed attacks not merely against Israeli citizens, but against American citizens, and Jewish citizens of other countries. People in government circles, including clerics close to the Ayatollah Khamenei and members of the “revolutionary guards” have not only threatened Israel. Israel has never threatened to exterminate the Iranian population as a whole, whereas several Iranian public servants in either religious or military spheres have made multiple outrageous statements, claiming that it is of “Islamic Jurisprudence” to exterminate all Israeli Jews and other jews worldwide, that they could “easily” get rid of 60% of Israeli jews by attacking Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa, pre-emptively. Israel is not threatening to exterminate or even physically hurt 99.99% of the Iranian population, just like they didn’t when Israel destroyed Iraq and Syria’s nuclear weapon programmes. The reasons for why Israel can be allowed to hold nukes and Iran can’t are two: First, nobody in Israel’s government is threatening to wipe-out any country; and second, because Israel is not a signatory of the NPT and Iran is, and yet, for some reason, they keep burying their nuclear plants deeper and deeper, trying to hide from UN Inspectors, making tests of nuclear capable missiles like the Shahab-3, and so on. Israel has refused to sign the NPT because Lebanon has been unable to control Hezbollah and because Syria, Iran and other states keep threatening it on an on-going basis. Israel has said that they will sign it once there is a comprehensive peace agreement with the whole region, and Israel even froze settlement construction for about 9 months and Mahmoud Abbas only chose to take action until the last-minute. The problem is that everyone in the region and the ideologues of this website think that Israel should take every step first and risk everything in exchange for nothing. The Arab Spring demonstrated to Israel that it would have been foolish to make peace with more dictators that can be overthrown any day. Until arabs, muslims and their supporters aren’t willing to make peace and stop setting pre-conditions that impose their own view of the conflict upon every potential peace partner, there can’t be peace and therefore a signature of the NPT. Israel also can’t stop making a living because Arabs don’t want to move on either. This is assuming you believe in dialogue. If you don’t even believe in dialogue, doesn’t that make you a fundamentalist extremist? And if so, why would Israelis and their supporters listen to anything you have to say? And if you don’t expect them to or want them to, why would you expect any change? Without dialogue, it’s the law of the jungle, or the law of the strongest person. If that’s the world you want to live in, then you are no different from those you criticize.

  2. This picture that cry baby spokesman for Israel Issac Baum paints about the world is so pathetically false that it hardly is worth the time to reply to it…. yet once again. We are asked to believe, too, that in his world view, that atomic weaponry toting tiny baby Israel, allied with Western European capitalism and the US Empire is supposedly under a vicious attack by primitive Muslim devils, no less! Circle the wagons, Issac! The ‘Nazi’ Injuns are coming to scalp you and all the world Jews… so NOT!

    ‘This is assuming you believe in dialogue. If you donít even believe in dialogue, doesnít that make you a fundamentalist extremist?’

    Yawn… WHAT A BORE!

    ‘The reasons for why Israel can be allowed to hold nukes and Iran canít are two: First, nobody in Israelís government is threatening to wipe-out any country’ BULLSHIT. COMPLETLY UNTRUE STATEMENT, ISSAC…. ; and second, because Israel is not a signatory of the NPT and Iran is’ SO THE HELL WHAT? THAT”S ALL THE REASON FOR US IN THE US TO MAKE WAR ON ISRAEL SINCE THEY ARE A ROGUE NUCLEAR POWER (Per the NPT) AND IRAN IS NOT. BUT THE US LETS ISRAEL BE ROGUE WHICH MAKES THE US A ROGUE NUCLEAR STATE AS WELL!

    See a sane (as opposed to insane Issac’s regurgitation of Zionist propaganda) discussion of the NPT and Israel and Iran at ‘THE GULF’S BLACK TREASURE- A nuclear Persian Gulf’ @

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