A non-negotiable American-Israeli Pact

What politician has not taken the blood pact with Israel?
On the morning after the last primary, anticipating big news about who would be the presumptive presidential nominee, where are the Democratic contenders? Addressing a lobbyist group representing a foreign nation. Uh? Nothing out of the ordinary. They are courting, as the media reports it, the “Jewish vote.”

We are still admonished to remember that Jewish is not synonymous with Zionist, and that Americans mustn’t fault Jews in general for the atrocities committed by Israel.

No sooner had Obama secured the necessary delegates, than he and Hillary were at AIPAC, the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, assuring Israeli and Jewish interests at large, that the security of the Jewish State would remain of paramount importance among Obama’s priorities.

Obama declared he would keep Israel safe from Iran, and would do it with everything in his power, putting emphasis on the word “everything” the way Bush kept every option on the table.

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