Prince Harry displays British hypocracy to uneducated Colorado warmongers

Prince HarryWant to know where you can find Prince Harry on his war cheerleading US tour? Half of it is in Colorado. On Friday he’ll be at a UK Consul-General’s reception at the private Sanctuary Golf Course in Sedalia. Between Denver and Castle Rock, that’s the Castle Pines exit off of I-25. He’s staying overnight in Colorado Springs and leads the opening ceremonies of the Warrior Games at the US Olympic Training Center at Union and Uintah. He concludes his Colorado visit on Sunday at the Air Force Academy on Sunday before flying east for a polo match. How unseemly for American media to be fawning over a British royal, and what a slap in the face for Colorado Springs Tea Partiers, if they weren’t so uniformly stupid, to celebrate a monarch for which they claim so much credit for having expelled. Nathan Hale would have hung a second time and a third and forth presumably to have had the chance to show smug twits like Prince Harry the door. Harry pretends to continue the work of his mother Lady Diana, ridding the world of land mines, yet how much credit does he get when he advocates for their root cause, war?

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1 Response to Prince Harry displays British hypocracy to uneducated Colorado warmongers

  1. Avatar Juan says:

    Labeling Prince Harry as “The Hedonist” as per an article read herein a few months ago is giving him undue credit.
    Harry is the poster child for the inmature foolish morons of the world.

    Why the media is so attracted to him as a tool to improve ratings is incomprehensible to me while not ilogical if these seemingly contradictory terms can come up to an agreement.

    Certainly the story of an underpriviledged motherless child, raising to success against all odds may seem a dignified story and a model to portrait for generations to follow, the reality is that Harry is not an underpriviledged child and the only odds he had to run against in life was, and will be his own underachievements and incompetency in all aspects of manhood.

    His failure to understand the opportunities handed out to him on a gold plate, and use those opportunities to help himself grow and turn on th a paladdin of justice advocating for the weak and those without a voice will be his legacy in life.

    Pitty will be is righteous pay!!

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