Prince Harry displays British hypocracy to uneducated Colorado warmongers

Prince HarryWant to know where you can find Prince Harry on his war cheerleading US tour? Half of it is in Colorado. On Friday he’ll be at a UK Consul-General’s reception at the private Sanctuary Golf Course in Sedalia. Between Denver and Castle Rock, that’s the Castle Pines exit off of I-25. He’s staying overnight in Colorado Springs and leads the opening ceremonies of the Warrior Games at the US Olympic Training Center at Union and Uintah. He concludes his Colorado visit on Sunday at the Air Force Academy on Sunday before flying east for a polo match. How unseemly for American media to be fawning over a British royal, and what a slap in the face for Colorado Springs Tea Partiers, if they weren’t so uniformly stupid, to celebrate a monarch for which they claim so much credit for having expelled. Nathan Hale would have hung a second time and a third and forth presumably to have had the chance to show smug twits like Prince Harry the door. Harry pretends to continue the work of his mother Lady Diana, ridding the world of land mines, yet how much credit does he get when he advocates for their root cause, war?

Prince Harry the Hedonist shows war for what it really, really should not be

A young prince who can do anything he wants, might go to war for some noble cause, if he hadn’t already exposed his and its deeply immoral character. After his Vegas binge, Prince Harry has returned to Afghanistan, his request this time to be a gunner on an Apache attack helicopter in the UK squad with the highest kill rate. It reminds me of the Hapsburg emperor who liked to shoot a peasant each day before breakfast –eventually his handlers had to enlist actors and load the old man’s rifle with blanks. We prefer to look back at old Franz Joseph as senile, but what is the truth about unrestricted inhuman whim?
A recent Taliban attack on Camp Bastion, Prince Harry’s base in the Helmund Province, may have been aimed at the bloodthirsty prince. Who can blame the Taliban for targeting a pro-war figurehead which the UK itself is exploiting? It could be however that Prince Harry’s secondary strategic benefit is not dissimilar to the American misuse of anti-Muhammad taunts to provoke insurgents. Drawing more Taliban fighters out of the shadows probably does not displease his royal trigger-happiness. Probably unarmed Austrians shared just as unfavorable odds as Afghans with AK-47s against Harry’s gunship. Let’s hope not.

The high regard we hold for nobility

Prince Edward Earl of WessexThe British royal family has shot Argentines, Iraqis and Afghans. Prince Harry is sneaking back to Afghanistan to kill more. You think they won’t beat a dog?

His Royal Highness The Prince, Edward Antony Richard Louis, Earl of Wessex, Viscount Severn, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Honorary Member of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty, was hunting pheasant this weekend and was inadvertently photographed hitting his hunting companions with a stick.

Running with the pedigreed dogs of war

Prince Harry returns with triumphant retinuePrince Harry was ordered home to England after his cover was blown playing soldier in Afghanistan. Unmasked, it was decided the prince would be a bullet magnet for enemy fire. Here he is returning to a hero’s welcome, wearing a flak-jacket he might have done better to leave with the compatriots he left behind. Although -wot’s this- Harry Homebound appears to be accompanied by his compatriots! Were they all recalled too? Special forces assigned to bodyguard the prince would have been redeployed elsewhere. Was Heroic Harry soldiering with a royal retinue of school chums? Other spoiled upper-crust kids spoiling for hands-on Half Life blood?

Harry did serve his country’s propaganda machine by perpetuating the normalcy of Britain’s traditional militaristic adventurer. Said the prince of his soldiering:

“At the end of the day I like to sort of be a normal person, and for once I think this is about as normal as I’m ever going to get.”

Prince Harry plays anonymous sniper

All smiles behind the machine gunPrince Harry, it’s been disclosed, has been taking his winter holiday in Afghanistan, fighting the resurgent “Terry Taliban” in the Helmand Province, and calling in air strikes like any ordinary [armed] bloke. The UK and international press were colluding to keep Harry’s deployment a secret, until the story broke on the internet. Now royal family handlers are deciding whether to bring the prince back lest he draw unwanted fire.

We can probably all agree that Prince Harry, as third in line to the throne of England, would make a tempting prize for any number of third world fighters seeking redress from the British Empire for colonial injustice. The sun never sets over regions still adversely impacted by the legacy of British misrule. And Prince Harry is playing cowboy in one of the most notorious, Afghanistan. His Joint Tactical Air Control (JTAC) task unit is even entrenched over an old British fort.

But if Harry can say this: “It’s nice just to be here with all the guys and just mucking in as one of the lads.” Should the whole world be conspiring to ensure he isn’t shot like one of the lads? Is there an MI5 contingent out in the field making sure no Afghans get hurt while the prince plays soldier?

Prince Harry plays soldierThis was voluntary service on the part of “Cornet Wales.” Denied permission to serve as a tank commander in Iraq, the prince joined the JTAC group to secretly embed himself with the action.

The young cornet, whose radio codename is Widow 6 7, is directing air strikes against sorry Afghan asses. The least he could do before he heads home with pictures and war stories to decorate the palace, is to have stuck his head out for who he is. What part of an honest press should have pledged to remain silent just because a prince wants to get in some live shooting practice?

NOTE: The press embargo was only intended for the length of Harry’s deployment. In reality, a group of reporters was given full access that they might return, afterwards, with such headlines as: Prince Harry: Sacrifice for Queen and country, or Prince Harry can look every soldier in the eye, or Britain’s Prince Harry: Wild child turned war hero.

Super Harry kills the barbarians

One of the frequent refrains in the US is that the powerful and well-to-do war promoters here always keep their own children out of the fighting, and that many of them are ‘chicken-hawks’, gung-ho avoiders of doing the actual fighting themselves. But in Britain, along comes Prince Super War Hawk, Killer of the Pagan, and he has duly registered and true authentic ‘royal blood’, too! He’s a True Warrior Prince from the Royalty… pure breed!

Well, the US has had several more plebeian Super Heroes for the pro-war press, one of which was an American pro- football player who once tried to outdo Warrior Prince Harry. That American Super Hero evidently was not very popular among his own troops, and was killed by ‘innocent’ fire. But Super Prince of Arabia, TE Lawrence, no I meant of Afghanistan, Prince Harry, is claiming to be the truest killer of the barbarians of them all. He’s making a few dinosaurs in Britain proud that such a fossil from the dead Empire of Great Britain apparently still is around, lost in some sort of time warp, one must guess?

In this picture Super Prince MANS a machine gun, as he strolls through the brutal barrios of The Natives. But alas, Super Prince is ready to PULL OUT, and return to being only poor Clark Kent once again.

Who needs Princess Di in these modern times, when the Murdoch press can PUSH Super Prince in its tabloids? But for now, Super Prince Harry must once again remove his Super Hero cape, and return to his people. One wonders what the British population thinks of this gala show?

“We have ways of making you talk”

This is the enemyIn defending his administration’s warrant-less surveillance of domestic communications, Bush explained “We have ways of knowing who’s Al-Qaida.”
Ring a bell?
I didn’t see it. Was Bush wearing a monocle? A high collared uniform? Was he snapping a riding crop? Didn’t Prince Harry get in trouble for such an impersonation?

Prince Harry isn’t free

Scion of fascist overclass.   Prince Harry in uniform.
In usual dress

It says a lot about the state of freedom in the modern world when even the heir to the throne of England can’t express himself freely.

There was a time when dressing like a Nazi was not only irreverent but immaturely insensitive to the memory of the Holocaust. At present however, the Nazi reference calls one’s attention to the fascism omnipresent in today’s governing bodies.

Perhaps Prince Harry wasn’t saying: look at me, I’m the camp commander of Treblinka. Perhaps Prince Harry was saying, if I may put words in his mouth, this:

Look at me, I’m a scion of the ruling family, of a government which has taken its country to war against the wishes of its people, which has invaded a defenseless country, which has curtailed human rights for its own population, which has imprisoned some of its subjects in defiance of rights granted since 400 years, which engages in torture, and is for all intents and purposes, as fascist as the Nazis. Short only the extermination camps. But we do not perhaps yet know about these.

But Harry wasn’t permitted to make this statement. He was treated like only a spoiled kid. Prince Charles treated his son’s act like that of a kid who didn’t know he was triffling with the horrors of Auswitch. But Charles is only protecting the wolf in sheep’s clothing of his protectors, the international corporatocracy which pulls his strings. Who’s the spoiled child really?