All is fair in love and battlespace

US Navy brass are upset that a Chinese vessel pulled a US unmanned submarine drone from the South China Sea and kept it. That’s against the rules apparently, Admiralty, whatever. They point out the drone belongs to the National Oceanographic Office, the information it gathers is unclassified, and it’s piloted by civilians. Sorry but “civilian” is synonymous with “contractor” and the Navy needs to rename its underwater glider drones if it wants to pretend their function is oceanic research. The drone fished out by the Chinese is called a “littoral battlespace sensing” vehicle. It may be unarmed, but there’s nothing environmental, humanitarian, collegiate, or goodwill-tourish about BATTLESPACE. China has been asserting territorial claims in the South China Sea, so whose “battlespace” is it?

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  1. like, how would the US Navy react to such a drone in the Gulf of Mexico or the Gulf of California? Maybe cruising the Baja scene, perhaps? Knowing that Mexico owns that gulf. Doesn’t detract from the Monroe Doctrine and Reagan Doctrine that all the water in both gulfs is Mare Nostrum… And by extension every molecule of water on the planet…

    Waddiffs abound, like what if Cuba and China had a drone agreement to either monitor legitimate commercial traffic, or better yet monitor US Navy activity around Guantanamo, which the US unofficially treats as “our” territory as part of the lease agreement with the puppet government set up after the “liberation” from Spain?

    Waddiff the Cuban government, which liberated Cuba from US control, makes the capitalist observation that the puppet government was a subsidiary corporation to the US corporate government, and that the subsidiary ceased to exist due to the puppet dictator fled the country with as much money as he could carry?

    What if Mexico, in a similar note, point out that the Porfiriano puppet corporate dictatorship was similarly voided? Or that the U.S. invasion to track down (Massive FAIL!) Doroteo Aranga aka Pancho Villa breached the corporate agreement, and the CEO of the Mexican Subsidiary, changed management under a popular vote of the Shareholders?

    I’ll bet that the ones perpetrating the planned Hostile Takeover feel those questions to be infantile silliness, along with the observation that just after World War 2 the North Korean Incorporated LLC whatever took on the entire United Nations and WON. With the help of the Chinese People’s Army who were really stressed out from the fact that the Peoples Republic hadn’t yet consolidated their own corporation.

    And that none of the actions of any of the participants would be considered lawful under anybody’s consitution.

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