Apparently women resolve PR disasters

The headline reads: Can Mary Mack save Wells Fargo? The banking fraudsters have promoted a woman to handle damage control after getting cought manipulating bank accounts without their customers consent. The next line, Mary Mack “has arguably one of the hardest jobs in finance”, reminded me of the press surrounding the appointment of Mary Barra to CEO of General Motors, when it faced similarly terminal public anger. It’s no kind of victory for feminism when the glass ceiling is being bypassed for the sexist purpose of installing a female to placate outrage. Who can celebrate a woman finally attaining a pennultimate job level when no man wants it? It was the same for Janet Yellen at the Fed, for Christine LaGarde at the IMF, and doesn’t it explain the Election 2016 plans to rescue Capitalism? Ol’ Hillary for the U.S. of A.

1 thought on “Apparently women resolve PR disasters

  1. Women have a soothing voice quality and a social evolutionary trait passed from Eve to now of appeasing angry men.

    Mostly because most men are larger and more aggressive than most women.

    Jill not Hill even if the odds are immense.

    Not that being female is equal to being politically right. I mean, Ann Coulter for instance…. I could add a bunch of non-male persons who have spouted the most outrageous ignorance and hate.

    I just like her agenda. Especially the parts which work for peace and a general sense of Not Dumb.

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