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Mad Max Fury Road is hardly feminist. It’s Dances With Wolves With Women.

I confess I never saw “Dances with Wolves” but I’m pretty sure the number Kevin Costner pulled on Native Americans is what this loner White Savior just did for Women. Saved them. What feminists needed was a MAD MAXINE. Instead … Continue reading

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Vanity Fair cover spotlights a gender trait Caitlyn Jenner didn’t nip or tuck: male privilege.

Thank you Bruce now Caitlyn Jenner for stepping up to be an olympian standard-bearer to assail the stigma of gender dysphoria. Caitlyn’s reveal on the cover of Vanity Fair is a triumph, for transexuals and, one might hope, “women of … Continue reading

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Yes All Women except Hillary 2016 No

Are women under attack? Recent attacks on women’s rights look more like straw men for feminists to stress their underrepresentation in the power structure. While the inequality is ever present, social engineers appear to be positioning women’s rights as the … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of bad romance gone over to soft core BDSM porn? Just what is the pheromone being sniffed here?

With 20,000,000 copies sold, with almost every single buyer being a woman, what is the secret pheromone behind the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy? And just what is the message to women that makes these newest examples of bad current … Continue reading

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The “War On Women” is a wedge issue

I’ll say this with the sensitivity I know White Males of Privilege have in spades: I’m sorry, isn’t the War On Women an obvious wedge issue? To me it’s the usual progressive ideals versus religious brick wall, meant to divide … Continue reading

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Yuppie Feminist Brigade comes to life on behalf of US Imperialism in Afghanistan

It’s impossible to make this yuppie humanitarian interventionist lunacy up on our own, and since we at Not My Tribe have talked so much about Greg Mortenson and his Three Cups of Tea, why not take a quick look at … Continue reading

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I wore polka dots today

…and felt like an idiot. Why? I think polka dots are adorable. They are playful and happy and youthful which are traits I value. And the outfit I had on was classy and cute. So why did I feel anxious … Continue reading

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Sexism and the City

I’ve been revisiting old episodes of Sex and the City a lot lately. It’s a fun show for a girl to watch. New York City neighborhoods, ultra-chic fashions, Manolo Blahnik shoes, ever-changing hairstyles. And an endless stream of nameless but … Continue reading

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the aftermath of a stressful day

It is the close of a busy and vexatious day — say half past five or six o’clock of a winter afternoon. I have had a cocktail or two, and am stretched out on a divan in front of a … Continue reading

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