CSPD Intelligence doesn’t have much

Lt. Mark ComteCOLORADO SPRINGS, COLO- Like the term Military Intelligence, “police intelligence” is an oxymoron. At least that’s the old joke. Wednesday’s hearing about the CSPD’s undercover operation against the Colo. Springs Socialists reinforced the adage. The good news is that Metro VNI, that is, Vice Narcotics & Intelligence, doesn’t have much intelligence, as in smarts, haha, OR constructive data. The impetus of CSPD’s efforts to infiltrate local activists has been to track ANTIFA, a nefarious worldwide anti-fascist organization apparently. Lieutenant Mark Comte, who heads Metro-VNI, testified to what they know so far. ANTIFA members wear black and cover their faces. When protesters do that, they’re Antifa.

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  1. So just tried to post details about court in Colorado Springs and Facebook was shut down yet again with a message that there was “unusual activity on the account.” NOT!

    So here are the details for anyone worried about just how their government is working and was also working well before Trump.

    Would someone obtain Exhibit 4 from the October 17, 2017 hearing. Try clerk Stephanie and document exactly what her reason is for denying providing you with this official record. Same goes for the Motion to Dismiss referenced at this same hearing on 10/17/17. What is her reasoning for denying providing the Motion to Dismiss to you? Perhaps Rachel at the Gazette might know the reason? If there even is a Rachel at The Gazette and what in hell is a Gazette?

    It is important to note that the Undercover Cops were allowed to testify using their aliases. What does this mean when the Citizens need to bring them up on charges of perjury? Did they even commit perjury in this instance because they were using aliases? Are the aliases the persons charged with perjury and how EXACTLY does that work?

    Could go on but won’t since Facebook has been shut down yet again. Perhaps ANTIFA can do something about that???

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